Zumba Classes in Hove, East Sussex

27th June 2013

Zumba Classes in Hove, East Sussex
Zumba is hot. Zumba is spicy. Afro-Latino beats, Caribbean and South American dance moves are combined with aerobic fitness, but it's really more than that. It's all about having fun.

You don't need to be a dancer, but you need to love dancing.

Zumba will help you to burn roughly 500 -1000 calories per class and you won't even know you are doing it. The music will carve you into shape. The moves are so easy to learn and they incorporate multiple dance styles from many countries. The best way to make friends, lose weight and get fit fast!Every song is like being in South America. The music and dancing is infectious.

There is so much energy and flavour, colour and as an added bonus you get amazing exercise just by dancing. Within seconds you lose your inhibitions and enjoy the feel good factor.

Zumba Classes in Hove, East Sussex

If you are interested in trying Zumba classes in Hove, East Sussex then enquire using the link below for more class information, times and locations.
Supplied By: Federico Bedoya