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Zumba dance classes are all the rage, a relatively young dance style developed by dancer and choreographer Alberto 'Beto' Perez who attended the Maria Sanford Brazilian Dance Academy.

Zumba classes use Latin American dance movements creating a fun, high energy workout. Zumba started the dance fitness revolution. This form of dance is effectively a cross over style incorporating aerobics with dance styles and techniques.

Zumba classes are typically about an hour long.

Choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo with aerobic workouts.

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Zumba workouts mixes dance derived from Latin music with step aerobics. It has proved to be an excellent way to lose weight and get into shape.

Ideal for people not interested in running or going to the gym, Zumba dance classes are fun and more like a night out than exercise! People of all ages can take up Zumba classes and workouts.

There are even classes for children aged between 4-12. As well as adult Zumba dance classes and whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced you will find a class to suit you.

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There are different types of Zumba classes aimed at different ages, fitness levels of and levels of exertion.

Traditional Zumba class includes basic rhythms like merengue, foxtrot, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, belly dance, waltz, flamenco, tango, and samba.

Zumba Step is a lower-body workout that incorporates Zumba routines and step aerobics.

Zumba Toning is for the people who do their workouts with toning sticks. Zumba Toning targets abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body providing participants with a cardio workout. It blends body-sculpting techniques and specific Zumba moves focusing on calorie-burning and strength-training. Instructors use weighted, maraca-like Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.

Zumba Gold classes is a workout designed for older adults and addresses the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs.

Aqua Zumba classes are held in a swimming pool. The instructor leads the class poolside while participants follow in shallow water.

Zumba In The Circuit combines Zumba with circuit training.

Zumbatomic for children. The original workout program is designed specifically for girls and boys ages 4–12 and incorporates urban dance styles like hip hop, reggaeton and pop with design to develop coordination, discipline, confidence and teamwork.


Zumba instructors must participate in a basic skills instructor workshop, and then have the option to become trained in specialised areas.

Types of Zumba classes on offer depend on the teachers qualifications* all Zumba teachers have to be ZUMBA accredited to qualify to teach. Zumba teachers are all taught by instructors licensed by Zumba Fitness, LLC to become licensed. Zumba is a trade mark of Zumba Fitness LLC.

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