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Why you should be brave and join an adult ballet class

21st April 2016

Why you should be brave and join an adult ballet class
When you think of ballet classes, stereo-typically you associate them with little girls prancing about in pink tutus and trying to balance on their tip-toes.

However whilst Children's ballet classes are the most common, that's not to say that the art of ballet can't be practiced by adults too. It is beneficial in different ways, but there are still a variety of positive influences that it can have.

It's not just for women either. Whilst men may look at the ballet and think it's very feminine, a quick look at the pros and you'll see an extraordinary level of physicality and performance. It leaves you in fantastic shape. Here's a few more reasons why ballet classes are worth your consideration...

Good For Your Health

Ballet is a more rigorous workout than most might think. It's no surprise when you take a look at ballet dancers they are in good shape and the men in particular carry very toned frames. Ballet classes provide a well-rounded full body workout that tackle everything from flexibility to stamina to power.

Classes are great for your core strength and particularly stamina. Ballet routines are often quite long and contain continual flowing movements which can involve travelling around a large stage.

Benefits to other sports

Due to the strength and flexibility that ballet helps you acquire, it can be a useful form of training to improve your performance in other sports. Ballet is primarily focused on agile movement and agility is an attribute that is key to performance in sports such as Rugby, Football and Boxing. Being quick on your feet and able to change direction quickly can make a huge difference.

Rio Ferdinand, who had an International Football career filled with success and honours, took ballet classes four times a week as a child and had the chance of a scholarship aged 11. He picked football, but the physical boost it had given him put him streets ahead of others in his age group.

Ballet classes also help you build up your endurance - both muscular and cardiovascular. Stamina is an important attribute in professional sport and is often the difference between an athlete from raising their performance from purely being good, to being elite.

It's a lot of fun

Just like any other dance style, ultimately, ballet classes are just great fun! Learning a new skill, whilst being able to exercise in a creative way means that ballet offers you something a little different to regular workouts. It doesn't have to be done alone, and the social aspect is also a big draw. Once you're an adult, the likelihood is that you aren't aiming to join the royal ballet, you just want to enjoy yourself, so that means you're learning alongside people who more often than not feel the same way. You're always welcome, regardless of ability.

Dance away your troubles

Learning dance can be a great way of releasing pent up stress. For people who suffer from anxiety or stress, it can be a good outlet and a way to turn that negative emotion into something creative.

It also allows you to sweat out toxins and decreases the risks of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Find a ballet class

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