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Why Over 50's are flocking to Dancing classes

12th June 2018

Why Over 50's are flocking to Dancing classes

Why Over 50's are flocking to Dancing classes

Forget the gym, older people want to dance and with good reason, there's overwhelming evidence that dance is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.

Growth in the over 50's attending dance classes is booming fuelled by Strictly Come Dancing pazzazz and the fact that the baby boomers are reluctant to sit in and grow old. They are more active, they want to socialise and dancing offers this in spades.

According to the Royal Academy of Dance, they saw a 70% increase in new dancers aged over 50, many of whom are much older.

Why over 50's love dancing

Who wants to go to a big box gym, spend an hour on a treadmill, plugged into an iPod when you can get all the exercise you need learning ballroom dancingsalsajivedisco to great music and meet find new friends?

It's a no-brainer. Gyms are the antithesis for many baby boomers who see gym exercises as dull and boring, lifeless places, antiseptic environments with no heart or soul.

That's why dance classes for over 50's are booming. Even better it stimulates the brain improves cognitive skills, balance, gets the endorphins working, circulation moving and increases flexibility. Its a win win win scenario.

They LOVE the music

Music creates that a FEELGOOD feeling, the foot tapping, the heart skipping a beat it connects your ears to the beat and you can dance. According to Will Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice,

“The man that hath no music in himself,

Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,

Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils;

The motions of his spirit are dull as night

And his affections dark as Erebus:

Let no such man be trusted. Mark the music."

Dancing takes dullness out of life, it brings joy, happiness, and togetherness, that a gym workout will never ever achieve.

They like to learn something NEW

Why sit at home watching trash TV? Why waste your time watching programmes about weight, mental issues, bad neighbours, vets, weird people, car crashes, dinner dates, mad housewives of Chicago. It's mindbogglingly depressing.

The reality is you learn nothing and you're wasting your mind on junk media.

Baby boomers are moving with their feet. Picking up the beat, finding new experiences, learning new dance routines and new partners!

Medical evidence has proved conclusively that dance is better than crosswords or chess because dance demands a constant need to assess movement, mirror actions and respond to music. This stimulates brain activity and promotes new synapse connections, increasing cognitive ability at any age.

They love achieving

What can you achieve sitting in front of a TV? Answer absolutely nothing. It's one-way stimulation. You sit and watch and some half-baked presenter reading from a teleprompter – just watch their eyes.

When you learn to dance you learn the basic steps, routines, turns and gestures. It takes time but it's easy to pick up the basic steps and get a real sense of achievement. Every class leads to improvement and over time dancers achieve more fluidity, more style and get a big smile!

They love great teachers

Finding a great dancing teacher is easy. DanceNearYou website and its MyNearYou mobile app make finding an over 50's dance teacher easy. It has thousands of classes on overall over the UK, from London to Birmingham, to Manchester, and all places in between. There really no excuse not to get off the sofa and find the perfect class.

They love the prices of dance classes

Many dance teachers love dancing. They're not in it for the money. Leave that to the TV presenters and their gender pay issues at the BBC.

Dance classes can start from as little as £5 on dance Near You website! At that price, NearYou is giving you a really low-cost entry point into the world of dance. At these prices learning to dance is far cheaper than other activities such as the cinema, theatre, eating out and you will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Baby boomers are smart its the best value way to get fit and have a great life.

They love dressing up

When you first join a class you don't need special shoes, dresses, suits just turn up and learn to dance. Once you get the swing you will probably want to buy a pair of dance shoes and when you really into it will want to buy lots of really nice dance shoes – sparkly ones or red speakers.

Dancing shoes start at £25 so it won't break the bank even when you get serious.

Social dancing now that's when the fashionistas get rolling. Getting dressed up is all part of the dance routine. Its fun, its sexy and it makes the whole experience more exciting.

This is where Strictly;y has scored the fabulous dresses, men's outfits just lifts the visual attraction of everyone participating.

They love the social dancing

As people get older they can get lonelier, divorce, kids moving out, friends moving out of the neighbourhood can leave over the 50's suddenly finding that their circle of friends declining.

Dancing reverses this instantly! People take up dancing because they want to meet people and socialise. You can't do that in your front room!

Meet people who are full of life, enjoy physical exercise, like learn something new and having a laugh. Don't worry about making mistakes that's the best bit.

Dance is the best way to stay fit and enjoy life.

Don't miss out. Put your postcode and FEELGOOD with DanceNearYou.