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Why men should be brave and join a beginners Salsa class

26th March 2015

Why men should be brave and join a beginners Salsa class
The hardest part for men, is making the decision to make the effort and attend to Salsa class, according to Misael at the Latin Lounge in Plymouth. According to Louis, a Salsa beginner at the Latin Lounge it took months for him to pluck up the courage to actually join a beginners class. Now he's hooked and loves every minute.

Woman love Salsa and will go along on their own in groups but men (and it's not just Salsa) seem to need to take a partner to the class. However, the great thing about Salsa dancing is that you get to dance with lots of partners as the dancers change partners as they learn the steps and routines.

In fact the good news for men is that Salsa classes usually have more ladies than men and you get to dance and chat with them and have fun. So don't be shy, join a Salsa class today.

Who will you meet?

Salsa is for everyone, any nationality, age, or sex. It's fun and it's social. People who go along want to meet people and make friends. So it's not just about dancing and learning some moves, its about getting social. You will make new friends, have a laugh and enjoy the beats.

What to wear?

Because your moving all the time you should wear something lightweight if you don't want to overheat! Fundamentally type and style of clothing depends on the class or dance studio. Some are very informal club style where anything goes and others are more into their clothes so its usually best to ask before you go. Major rule of thumb wear something that's lose because your going to get very HOT.

What shoes to wear?

For beginners, depending on the salsa lesson and it's location, you can wear sneakers or leather soled shoes. For private lessons and group classes held in a dance studio, your probably better off buying a pair genuine dance shoes with a suede sole, since most dance studios feature a hardwood dance floor.

How fit do you need to be to Salsa?

Like any other kind of dancing, salsa is physically demanding. You will get hot, really hot, because salsa dancing will exercise muscles that you probably don't usually use. Beginners salsa classes usually take things easy which is good because you will improve your fitness level over time in a fun way. As you gain more experience you will build up stamina and strength.

How long will it take to learn Salsa?

It depends on the individual but learning to dance for many people is something new. It takes you out of your comfort zone, so don't expect to be a Cuban missile overnight. Its a mind thing as well as a physical thing, learning the steps, routines, timing, turns can be pretty daunting at first. The most important thing is to give it time and commitment. You should look at 2-3 months at least one night a week and more if you can spare the time. The more you practice the better you'll get!

How much does a Salsa class cost?

This really depends on the teacher, club or dance studio. The good thing is that most have a free beginners session after that you will have to pay anything from £5 -10. Many have dance classes followed by more informal party type Salsa dancing so you can hang around and people watch.

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Men don't be afraid join your local Salsa dance club you don't need a partner just be brave and enjoy.
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