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Want a great way to exercise and have fun? Try Latin Dance Classes!

25th November 2015

Want a great way to exercise and have fun? Try Latin Dance Classes!
Exercising can be a bit of a chore. As much as you may have a desire to stay fit and healthy, the thought of dragging yourself to the nearest gym can just be too much. So what if there was a way to be active, while learning some new skills, meeting some new people and having a lot of fun?

Well there is... it's called Latin Dance! You can discover a new way of life, new music and make new friends. Learn new routines and steps and above all, have a lot of fun while doing it.

There have been new dancing programmes like Strictly Come Dancing on all of the television channels in recent years which have increased popularity in dance and they are the perfect proof that the dancing world is in a great demand for all ages, experiences, shapes and sizes! The benefits are compelling and the industry is growing, shaping up to generate millions of pounds and thousands of jobs each year. The results over the last five years after all the dancing disciplines took off are extremely encouraging.

From my experience, Latin dance is pretty much a blend of success, joy, rewards and life changing experience within the community. You can encourage anyone to join, all ages, making sure that they learn new routines, based on Latin-American music and encourage people that they are able to dance and move without any excuses. As a result of this the participants get together and become friends. The other benefits are losing weight, exercise without intimidation, stress relief, coordination awareness, fun and keeping in shape.

What is Latin Dance?

Latin Dance is a flagrant mix of many South American styles. Starting with the famous Buenos Aires, the Argentinian Tango brings slow pace, great routines, body embracing and passionate music. You can then travel all the way up through South America to find the rich sounds of the Berimbao and Cavaquinho instruments from Brazil, encapsulating the lovely rhythm of Samba from Rio de Janeiro. You would be amazed how easily you can learn the funky street dance.

However the experience does not stop there, just moving up to the top of the continent you will find the lovely Colombian mixture of sounds starting from the capital of Salsa in "Cali", with fascinating congas, bongos and timbales making the journey of slow to quick with the Cali style of salsa. It's the real beat of the Colombian street dancing life, without mentioning the authentic folkloric "Cumbia" from the north coast, which originated from the slavering time of the Spanish inquisition.

Since then, Colombian dance has evolved into new music genres and a new dancing era. This means that the amazing "Zumba" has become well known around the globe, mixing all the Latin rhythms in a way that means understanding the dancing culture of South America is easy. Learning all these rhythms provides an authentic and compelling dance experience filled with togetherness and joy!

How to find a dance class near you

Whether you are looking for a beginners dance class or a more advanced Latin dance class, then there are a variety of dance classes available on Dance Near You.

To find a class in your local neighbourhood, simply visit the website homepage and search your postcode in our class finder tool. This will show you dance studios and dance instructors in your local area. Once you find a class that you like the look of, be sure to get in touch with the instructor and find out more about the class and how it will suit your needs!
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