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Twerking: What is it?

14th February 2018

Twerking: What is it?

What is twerking, exactly?

Twerking is a type of sexy dance move, in which you squat and thrust your hips. It's also referred to as "booty shaking" and the word was from merging "twist" and "jerk" together. Others think the term comes from the dance saying "work it", the move became a viral sensation in 2013 after Miley Cyrus performed it on stage at the MTV VMA Music Awards.

Who is twerking?

Who isn't twerking? From Beyonce, Madonna, Miley Cyrus to students, grandparents and babies (yes, babies) everyone from different age groups is twerking.

Twerking for weight loss!

Twerking is becoming a hot dance trend, "twerkouts" are popping up in the UK. Sounds silly for some, but for others, it's a great way to get moving and burn calories while you have fun solo or with friends.

It's a full body work out. Iggy Azalea, a popular Australian rapper claims to have lost 6 kilograms after one week of practising twerking for a music video. It's one of the biggest calorie burners, even if you aren't a rapper, you can hit the dance floor to get in shape too.

According to San Francisco personal trainer Ray Tabora, twerking is definitely a fat-blasting and rear-shaping workout. "They're using their legs and butt, and when you do that, you increase your metabolism because your heart beats harder". Caley Born, a certified personal trainer, estimated that twerking burns 300-480 calories per hour for someone who's 150 lbs, similar to the amount of calories burned jogging or doing power yoga.

Twerking empowering women, giving self-love and confidence

From the BBC: Kelechi Okafor is a twerk instructor practising in South London. For her, twerking is a feminist movement she is an unapologetic advocate for empowering women.

"Dance is a channel that you can use to express so much; joy, sadness and pain. I started to use dance as a way of communicating the things that I felt there were no words for. Dance to me is a form of healing and that's why it resonates with so many women in my classes because I teach it from a perspective of using it as a vehicle to heal oneself."

Twerking is fun!

It's impossible to take yourself too seriously while you're doing it. Twerk classes are an extremely fun, supportive and sometimes silly environment and a great way to meet awesome new people. Not only is twerking fantastic for your body confidence, it's also great for unleashing your inner goddess.

So twerking is fun, gives you confidence and is great for weight loss, how do I do it?