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Try Something New In Salsa Dancing!

21st October 2016

Try Something New In Salsa Dancing!
Strictly fever has been gripping the nation throughout the last month, however if traditional ballroom isn't for you then there are many alternative styles of dance you might like to try. Salsa is a must try for anyone looking for a new style of dance. People are drawn to salsa through the energy, passion and the social side of the dance.

What is Salsa Dancing?

Salsa is a form of social dance that originated from New York and is strongly influenced by Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. Salsa is traditionally a partner dance that piles on the heat with hip sways and fast footwork. The driving force behind salsa is the music, the rhythmic claves are enough to ensure that all dancers are kept on their toes.

Why should I go to a salsa class?

Dance is a great way to loose weight. Did you know in your average hour long salsa class you could burn up to 450 calories? Running for an hour burns up to 540 calories, the gap isn't as large as you might think!

Salsa improves both your balance and posture through the rhythmic sequences you learn, as a result of this you will have better coordination. The frequent stretching and turning also improves flexibility.

Salsa dancing is a really good way to combat mental health issues. It has been proven through many studies that the vibrant nature of salsa dancing is a great way to reduce depression. Furthermore, the nature of social dancing means that there are no set patterns or learned routines, decisions are made in the spur of the moment. This means that social dancing is the best form of exercise for improving memory in Alzheimer's patients.

What styles of salsa are there?

Similarly to it's tasty counterpart, there are many styles of salsa:

LA Salsa – Well known for it's dips and flashy hips.

New York Salsa – Focusing on highly technical and controlled footwork.

Cuban Salsa – more male dominated moves with lots of complex arm and hip movement.

There are many styles of Salsa, there is nothing wrong with trying out a few styles before choosing the right one for you!

Top Tips for Salsa Beginners

One of the trickiest things for any beginner is asking someone to dance. It is natural to feel a lot of pressure to impress them with your skills on the dance-floor. Every beginner feels this way, it's important to not be too hard on yourself and to relax, the more you dance the better you'll get.

Everyone makes mistakes, but those who have been dancing for a long time know how to conceal them! Don't be afraid to laugh if something goes wrong, or perhaps turn it into something exciting by improvising?

Make sure you engage socially, enjoy making friends with your class mates as this will take the edge off if you feel out of your depth.

One teacher can't give you everything. There is nothing wrong with dipping in and out different classes and learning different styles from different teachers.

How can I find a Salsa Class?

Luckily for you Dance Near You has thousands of local salsa classes right the way across the UK! All you need to do is visit the Dance Near You homepage and search using your location.

You will then be able to see a wide variety of instructors in your area and you can choose which class would be best for you. You can even reserve your spot there and then using our online booking platform!