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Try a Ballet classes The New Trend for 2015

27th February 2015

Try a Ballet classes The New Trend for 2015
Adult ballet classes are popping up all over the UK. More and more people are taking up the ballet barre as a way of keeping fit and participation in an art form, routed in technique, and opening up the opportunity for a creative outlet.

Ballet classes are a low impact but high-intensity workout suitable for women - and men - of all ages.

Recent media attention has focused on seniors and over 50s taking up Ballet as it offers an activity for people who may not consider themselves as 'sporty'.

Many seniors start to lose core strength as they get older, often taking up Pilates classes but as an alternative to Pilates, many are choosing to take up a ballet class.

The reason is simple - it helps people improve core strength and overall posture as well as strengthen the body and lengthen those muscles that don't get used everyday.

Ballet is broadening its audience, challenging peoples perception of the dance by offering a growing variety types of ballet available. With Ballet Fitness, barre ballet, BALLETBEFIT, Ballestics, just a few new styles of ballet that combine refined workouts with fitness exercise. There's a ballet class for everyone.

It appeals to a growing number of people who want to work out but the gym doesn't appeal. If you're looking for a more refined workout, then a Ballet classes could be for you.

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