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The Strictly Come Dancing Semi-Finals are here!

16th December 2014

The Strictly Come Dancing Semi-Finals are here!
Opinions are divided in latest Strictly elimination

After much deliberation from the Strictly Come Dancing judges this week, they have opted to send Jake Wood home. Dancing against Mark Wright for a position in the Semi-Finals made for an exciting dance off, but one which tore the opinions of the judges when trying to choose who to save.

Jake has been the one to watch since day one on Strictly. He impressed us with his first Salsa, which saw bags of enthusiasm from Jake and a real talent in his bodily movements. If one person never held back in his dances, it was Jake.

Reflecting on the show, Jake commented: “It's a huge disappointment to go out in the Semi-Finals but for a 42-year-old dad of two, who's never danced before, Janette has worked wonders. It's been a real privilege to watch her work and she's so passionate about what she does that it's infectious. I'd like to thank all the people at home who voted - it's just meant the world. And I'd like to thank my wife Alison and my two children Amber and Buster as well. Without their support I couldn't have done this."

Jake performed his Cha Cha Cha to 'Boogie Shoes' in the dance off, whilst sporting some pretty amazing sparkly shoes! Jake exhibited energetic hip thrusts and fast tap movements as well as including his bubbly personality throughout the dance. Jake has always been a great candidate to embrace dance and give it his best shot. The couple made good use of the floor space and Jake even managed to spin Janette around by holding one arm and one leg of hers- it made for impressive viewing!

Mark Wright danced the Rumba to 'Fields of Gold' to save himself in the dance off. A very different dance style to that of the Cha Cha Cha, the Rumba is full of passion and requires controlled steps and bends. Mark showed that he could embrace the dance and displayed passion without holding back this week. The couple danced barefoot, which really accentuated any wrong movement in footing. But the couple were on point, with Mark precise on his steps and wide in his leg movements, creating long lean figures which swayed around the room. The couple finished with an impressive fast spin, which was the climatic point of the dance.

Mark Wright, Frankie Bridge, Simon Webbe and Caroline Flack are all in the finals now. Who's going to win? It's in your hands!

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Source: http://www.dancenearyou.co.uk