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The rise of pre-school ballet

1st September 2017

The rise of pre-school ballet
Pre-school ballet is exactly what is says in the title, “ballet” for children. Pre-school Ballet has recently become very popular with classes popping up right across the UK. The increasing popularity of the ballet classes has arisen due to the superb effect it has had on kids from a young age. The teaching of “pre-school ballet” is centered around the idea that learning dance from a young age is suggested to “increase cognitive function” , and help kids embrace their passion for music and dance.

There is no better way than sending your child to a pre-school ballet class to introduce your child to dance and music. The classes are well-known to be about “enjoying the music” and “making friends in an informal environment”. This makes them good fun for children, which will excite them and teach the fundamental basics of ballet dance. Children will also be able to express themselves within this “informal environment”, and help entertain their curiosity into dance.

The development of early learning is essential to children of a young age, and pre-school ballet provides an excellent way to build these foundations. Within the classes of pre-school ballet, children are able to establish early learning through play. They are able to build their confidence, interact with others and the music, whilst also having a great time making friends.

Parents have a high expectation of their child's etiquette and manners from when they are young. Pre-school ballet lessons are a great way to encourage the right morals and principles to your child through dance and music, and can have a great knock-on effect at home. As Roger Moore famously said “teach love, generosity, good manners, and some of that will drift from the classroom to the home.”

For many of these reasons, on social media like Facebook and Twitter parents have been raving about the classes and the influence they have had on their kids. For example, “the classes are fun but also rewarding and my girls really enjoy them” is a recurrent feeling expressed on social media. Many of the parents are declaring that they wished that had started “sending their child sooner”.

How to find a dance class

The rising trend and demand for pre-school ballet means that it is easy to find a class. There are highly qualified dance teachers and dance schools all over the UK, so find a pre-school ballet class on Dance Near You. Use the book online feature to browse through a range of locations and classes to suit your child.

To find local dance classes, you can download the 'NearYou' App for iPhone or iPad or head to the Dance Near You homepage and enter your location. This will show you your nearest teachers and allow you to book a class.
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