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The Nia Technique - Joyful Fitness for Mind, Body and Soul

19th September 2016

The Nia Technique - Joyful Fitness for Mind, Body and Soul
What is Nia?

Fusion fitness is everywhere: hybrid classes include Koga (Kick boxing and Yoga), SoulCycle (Yoga and Spinning), Piloxing (Pilates and Boxing); it’s a trend offering numerous fads and interesting wordplay but it’s nothing new. The Nia Technique, is the original fusion- fitness program in America, drawing from 9 different movement disciplines in the areas of dance, healing and martial arts, it originated in 1983 and has evolved ever since.

Co-created in the USA by Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, fitness professionals who had witnessed the damage of competitive sport and high impact aerobics, they sought a new way in which to exercise and promote sustainable fitness. Their quest led them to develop a visionary fitness and lifestyle practice that was low impact, yet highly effective as a weight loss and functional fitness program, as well as being balancing for body, mind and soul.

Three decades later, Nia is growing globally and today there are over 2300 teachers in more than 48 countries around the world.

Nia is a sensory-based fitness program, where classes are done barefoot to inspiring, diverse music and students are encouraged to move in ‘their own body’s way’- seeking pleasure, comfort and safety as they move.

Music is an integral part of the class experience. Internationally sourced, from all genres, in a Nia class, everybody gets to feel the joy of being a dancer.

Benefits of Nia

One of the remarkable aspects of Nia is that it is a multi-faceted workout with a huge list of benefits and yet it is suited to all people, irrespective of their gender, age and current fitness level. Teachers offer various options for students to adapt their movements to one of three levels during class. This way each person can adapt the movements to their own pace and current state of fitness. Nia can be adapted for special populations and the routines can be taught as a seated holistic fitness class, an ideal option for elderly and those with limited mobility.

Nia is a holistic fitness program, its benefits include all the traditional benefits of a cardio vascular program, including weight loss, toning and increased energy and much more. Nia has been proven to have a healing impact on people with depression and high stress levels, as well as proven benefits for Parkinson's disease, asthma and women recovering from breast cancer. Nia integrates dance with cardiovascular fitness with healing, a unique life changing program, packaged as an hour-long fitness class.

How can I find a Nia Class?

Visit Dance Near You to find a wide range of dance classes in your local area, including Nia. On Dance Near You there are hundreds of teachers teachings thousands of classes all across the UK, there is sure to be something for everyone.

To find a class just visit the Dance Near You website and search using your post code. From here you will be able to contact the instructors nearest you or even buy their classes there and then to reserve your space!