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The Joy of Ballet Helps to Sell

16th November 2017

The Joy of Ballet Helps to Sell
Bose, the American sound equipment manufacturer uses ballet to sell its Quiet Comfort 35 range of headphones. The commercial focused on ballet is being aired in the UK throughout November in the run-up to Christmas.

The 'Get Feeling' campaign consists of 4 commercials. “Bliss” is one of the four TV adverts, and features a ballet dancer whose love for the dance is evident.

The advert closes with a powerful caption: "However you feel, really feel".

Learning to dance is all about FEELING GOOD. Here at Dance Near You, we want to help you acheive that feel-good feeling by finding you a class that you're passionate about!

The commercials were developed by advertising agency Grey London. They were shot in Vancouver, and were set to an original soundtrack composed by Oscar-nominated American pianist and composer Dustin O’Halloran.


Dance is being used by companies looking to add joy, freedom and feeling to their products. In a market that is about selling boxes, Bose emotively and effectively explore new ways to communicate the pleasures of dance and music. It is a great commercial that stands out from the rest, a joy to watch!

You have seen the commercial, now get the rhythm in your feet by listening to your favourite music on Bose headphones, and make your way to a Ballet class NearYou.