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The Best Dance Styles To Get You Fit In January

6th January 2017

The Best Dance Styles To Get You Fit In January
Christmas is behind us and if you're anything like me, you probably ate and drank a little bit too much of the things that aren't so good for you.

So with that in mind, it's all eyes on January as I and many others find a way to get back into a healthier lifestyle.

A lot of people go down the “Keep Fit” or “Lose Weight” route when it comes to a New Year's resolution. A lot of these people fail.

Why do they fail? Because going to the gym is boring. There, I said it. If you want to stay fit in 2017, you need to explore some different options. One of those options being dance.

Keep fit with a dance class

Dance classes are the ideal way to stay in shape. With hundreds of different styles available ranging from traditional salsa classes to Zumba classes, there is definitely something to suit any newcomer.

Here are a few styles you might want to consider:

Ballroom Dance Classes - Thanks to Strictly Come Dancing, Ballroom dance has been thrown into the mainstream in the UK. With styles ranging from Salsa to Argentine Tango, ballroom offers a dance education that also keeps you agile, flexible and fit. Plus, you don't have to go with a partner. Ballroom dancing classes and social events are a great way of meeting new people.

Ballet Classes – Hear me out. Take a look at dancers in the ballet. They are in incredible shape. The girls are nimble and agile, the men are toned and muscular. They may have spent a lot of their life practicing it, but by taking it up you can certainly reap some of the benefits. Plus, many gyms and studios now offer ballet-centric fitness classes. It's not your traditional ballet, but it's formed from it and has an added fitness-focus.

Zumba Classes – Zumba is a worldwide phenomenon. In terms of dance fitness classes, it's the most popular out their. These are big classes, filled with great music and unique routines. No two zumba classes are the same and they offer a great way to get fit in the company of friends. It is inspired by Latin American dance, but has a contemporary edge, making it the perfect blend of fitness and fun.

Pole Fitness Classes – Again, hear me out. When I say pole fitness, it doesn't mean you have to dress like a stripper and it doesn't mean you're in a dark basement club gyrating to raunchy music. Pole fitness is a hardcore dance workout. As a beginner, it's tough to pick up but it's extremely worthwhile should you stick with it, which we recommend you do. It's great for increasing flexibility and building strength in all the muscle groups, with leg, arm and core strength all being important.

Nia Technique Classes – Nia is a fitness style that combines the best parts of dance, yoga and martial arts to create a truly unique workout. Their strapline is “feel good, look good” and it helps you do just that. Nia is non impact and combines over 52 moves to form a cardio routine that'll have you feeling great in just a one hour session.

Modern Jive classes – If you're looking for something social to do with your partner, that's a little less intense than a fast paced cardio session, then a modern jive class could be the answer. It combines the best of swing, lindy-hop, rock n roll and other popular styles. It is constantly evolving and modernising to follow new trends and soundtracks.

How to find a dance class?

Thanks to Dance Near You, finding a dance class in your local area is easier than ever. We have qualified dance instructors and dance studios all across the UK looking for new students, especially in January.

There are lots of fantastic special offers and events to get you started.

The quickest way of finding them? If you are using an iPhone, you can download our brand new app “Near You”. This helps you to find and book local fitness classes. It's quick and easy, offering a fast search and one-click payment.

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