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Taster Tango workshop in London

20th February 2014

Taster Tango workshop in London
Experience the thrill of Tango for the first time with Tango South London and their absolute beginners tango class taster day.

Tango South London are offering you the opportunity to learn the basics of Tango in just one afternoon.

Their Tango dance class taster day will introduce you to the highly addictive Tango dance, teaching you how to follow, lead and embrace the music.

By the end of the Tango dance lesson you will understand more about the culture of Tango, possess the skills to carry out various Tango steps and be able to improvise to the music.

The Tango taster day is perfect for anyone completely new to Tango who would like to learn the basics before taking a Tango lesson.

After the Tango workshop you will be able to participate in a free Tango session allowing you to enjoy a glass of wine and try out some of your new moves.

The Tango session is the perfect opportunity to show off your new skills so why not invite a partner, friend or the family to come and join you?

Tango South London run regular weekend Tango workshops:
Sun 2ndth March 2014
Sun 16th March 2014
Sunday 6th April 2014
Sunday 20th April 2014
Sun 4th May 2014
Sun 18th May 2014

The Tango workshops are extremely popular and need to be booked in advance so make sure you enquire today to secure your place.

Whet your appetite for Tango with a Taster Tango dance workshop in South London.

For more information and to enquire about Tango South London's Taster workshop or any of their tango dance classes in Peckham and Dulwich, including private Tango tuition, click the link below.