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Tango dance classes in Glasgow

10th April 2014

Tango dance classes in Glasgow
Looking for a tango class in Glasgow? Look no further than The Glasgow Tango Studio!

The Glasgow Tango Studio is a professional dance studio in Glasgow run by Sari Lievonen and Jeff Allan.

Sari and Jeff are passionate about Tango and the authentic social tango dance tradition making them the perfect dance instructors to learn to Tango with.

Their tango lessons concentrate on building a solid base of Tango knowledge and skills enabling you to take part in Tango as a social dance.

The best part? The skills you will learn in their tango dance classes are designed to allow you to dance socially anywhere in the world!

Not only will you learn the basic Tango skills, The Glasgow Tango Studio's dance classes will teach you better posture and walking technique.

The Glasgow Tango Studio offer Intermediate, Mixed ability and beginners tango dance classes in Glasgow at a number of locations so you're sure to find one to suit you!

Gain the skills to dance socially anywhere in the world with The Glasgow Tango Studio's Tango dance classes in Glasgow.

For more information about The Glasgow Tango Studio and their tango lessons in Glasgow, click the link below.