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Surge in demand for dancing classes

17th January 2017

Surge in demand for dancing classes
This week saw a surge in demand for Dance classes with Ballroom dancing lessons, Tap and Jazz dancing leading the way.

Strong promotion of Dance Dance Dance and the recently released La La Land is inspiring people to seek out dance classes across the UK.

It looks like TV and film are revitalising the art of dancing amongst the British population. Dance Near You has seen record numbers of bookings for dance classes.

Record visitor traffic to the Dance NearYou website confirms that the huge national media coverage has inspired people to take up dancing as a new activity to brighten up there lives and FEELGOOD.

The timing of the NearYou iPhone App class finder launch could not have been better with thousands of dance classes listed in the app means finding a dancing school or dance class has never been easier.

The public can choose from thousands of class near where they live or work and book from the convenience of their phone.

For people that don't have an iPhone, they can find a class on the mobile friendly NearYou website - it's mobile friendly and fast.

The number of classes on the App is increasing daily so download the App now and get dancing!
Source: Dance Near You