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Strike your moves like the celebs on Strictly!

7th October 2014

Strike your moves like the celebs on Strictly!
We're well into the swing of Strictly as we see all 15 dancers waltzing and glitzing to secure their places in next weeks round. But for Greg Wallace, it's an early exit as he is the first celeb member to get the boot on this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

We saw a tense dance off between Greg and Jennifer Gibney, with both acts performing a much more refined version of their earlier dances. But fortune favoured Jennifer, with Greg cast out on the first round of voting on Strictly.

It seems the couples dancing the salsa on Saturday were the ones that really blew the judges away, with Jake and Janette's saucy salsa scoring an impressive 35 points, securing themselves at the top of the leader board.

Sporting a tropical themed backdrop Jake Wood bursts into his dance whilst Janette sits poised and ready to jump in from a hammock behind him. With a combination of shimmy's and fancy footwork the couple put on a lively performance which led to Len Goodman's fantastic comment: "Well spank me gently with a wet chamois".

Another couple to impress with their salsa moves were Thom and Iveta, who danced to 'Hot Hot Hot' by the Red Arrows. The couple performed sensational synchronised footwork and some interesting lifts, including Thom holding Iveta with only one hand by her hip! The couple ended up ranking 8th on the scoreboard.

If you've been inspired by the energetic salsa performances from Saturday's Strictly then why not give it a go yourself? These celebs haven't been training long- so there's no reason you couldn't outshine the celebs with your own Ballroom moves!

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Source: www.dancenearyou.co.uk