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Strictly Come Dancing is Back Saturday at 6:15 PM

19th September 2018

Strictly Come Dancing is Back Saturday at 6:15 PM

Strictly's back, and it's an all-new set of star-studded celebs ready to battle it out and learn the art of dance, many for the very first time. The celeb line-up includes bloggers, TV presenters, sportsmen and ex-models, all eager to win the Strictly title.

The eagerly awaited return of the show starts at 6:15 PM on BBC 1. And, in true strict fashion, it should be a lavish affair... full of glitz, bad jokes, music and razzmatazz.

The format will be pretty much the same as previous years with video interviews with the celebs, letting us hear from their friends and families, prior to their first dance.

As to be expected, the wardrobes with being bulging with sequins and lace as the BBC costume department aims to blitz our eyes with colour and glamour.

It can't be denied that every aspect of the show has been designed to visually and emotionally engage us... A show that pulls in millions of views each year, and we simply cannot wait!

Is Strictly… Strictly Ballroom?

As always, most of the celebrity cast will be completely new to dance... with the exception of a disco floor, perhaps. So the rules are bent and the performance will reflect the celebs ability to learn a variety of dances in just a few weeks, so enthusiasm is key.

Remember, it's not always professional ballroom dancing that wins the public vote. Some will be brilliant and put in a very professional performance, whereas others will try a more freestyle approach... representing brilliantly how different people approach dancing.

Some are eye on the ball getting their twists and turns, back straight, moves and sequences perfect. Others lack co-ordination, their rhythm is non-existant but as long as they're having a good time and enjoying the company of their fellow dancers, they will win the publics hearts.

Capturing the spirit of dance, we see the celebs cheering on each other, having so much fun and laughing constantly.

That's what dancing, in reality, is all about. The show captures a whole range of emotions and displays the joy of dancing. That s why its so popular, and that's why we love it.

You can enjoy Strictly come dancing Near You

Watch the show and feel inspired! You'll be thinking "I could do that" as you watch the celebs learn everything from the Waltz to the Cha Cha Cha. You too could be smiling and swinging along to the music, just like our favourite celebs.

Experience the fun, the glamour, the friendships and the sense of achievement that goes hand in hand with dancing.

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So search for your location on Dance Near You today, and discover new friends and have so much fun along the way.

Enjoy Strictly we hope you get inspired to learn to dance.

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