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Strictly Come Dancing: girls take the lead!

15th October 2014

Strictly Come Dancing: girls take the lead!
On Saturday we saw the celebs kick their dance routines up a notch on Strictly Come Dancing, being scored by the regular judges along with star guest, Donny Osmond.

Frankie Sanford currently sits at the top of the leader board, performing sleek striking moves in every one of her dances so far. Close behind is Pixie Lott, and following up in third place is Caroline Flack. Those girls know how to move!

Inspired by 'Movie Week' the celebs had to perform dances which related to movies and feature this in their song and dance choices.

Frankie danced the Paso Doble which was explosive from the word go, with super fast steps and ultra quick movements of Frankie's skirt- it sure was a spectacle! Darcie commented that Frankie and Kevin were 'on fire' with their moves. Scoring an impressive 45 out of 50, the couple ranked high once again.

Pixie donned an outfit much the same as Belle from Beauty and the Beast- this being their film theme for the week. Pixie performed beautiful quicksteps whilst remaining calm and collected, smiling throughout her performance and truly reflecting the elegance of Belle in the movie. The comedic value was supplied by Trent, who danced as a candlestick!

Stepping it up a notch were Caroline and Pascha with their raunchy rumba. Bruno commented that their dance was 'almost perfect' with Caroline showing off her impressive leg extensions and effortless spins.

Jennifer Gibney was the latest to be eliminated from the show- although saved from elimination last week she faced the final cut in week 3. Jennifer stated: 'Before this, I didn't know how to dance. I wanted to learn how to dance and I now know how to Jive, how to Waltz and how to Foxtrot, however badly!'

Take Strictly Come Dancing as inspiration and try dancing for yourself; you never know, you might be a natural!

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