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Strictly Come Dancing a welcome return to TV screens

19th October 2020

Strictly Come Dancing a welcome return to TV screens

This Saturday saw the return of Strictly on the nations TV screens. A slimmed down version compared to previous years.

The show pulled in 9 million viewers at its peak during this the first episode.

The compares Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly were keen to point out the Covid-19 preparations so that we could all sit safely at home without worrying about getting inflected.

To be fair to the BEEB the producers tried hard to bring the glitz into our front rooms, the introductions were as usual overdone, and the jokes were as bad as ever. That's Strictly a winning formula that still works.

The show lost Bruno Tonioli, the judge who injects a bit a pizzas and genuine fun into the judging panel.

The Strictly format is pretty much the same, except the studio audience were all wrapped up in masks so the usual live audience excitement was missing.

The introduction of same sex partners was a first, Olympic boxing star Nicola Adams made history partnering with Katya Jones. 

The overall feeling was that its good to be back, millions of people tuned in looking forward a bit of glitz on their TVs, but the reality was it was a bit stifled by the masks, constant unnecessary COVID references, and just “quiet” according to Heidi Stephens of the Guardian.

Will it pull in the viewers next week?

Maybe, lets face it with most of the country's heading into another lockdown a bit of light entertainment is the best vaccine currently available.

The impact on the dance industry is serious.

Many clubs and schools were hoping to re-start this Autumn, but COVID round 2 is adversely impacting the dance industry. 

Well done BEEB, at least its keeping Dance live and kicking when most dance, clubs, and schools are closed and wondering if they will ever open again.