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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: The Final!

19th December 2016

Strictly Come Dancing 2016: The Final!
Another fantastic year of Strictly Come Dancing came to a close on Saturday evening as BBC Sport Presenter Ore Oduba and partner Joanna Clifton were crowned as champions.

After scoring the most points on the night and receiving the most votes from the public, Ore overcame fellow celebrities Danny Mac and Louise Thompson to lift the trophy.

The Final

The final was comprised of the three dances each. All three couples had to perform a dance of the judges choosing, their favourite from the series and a showdance.

Here's how the action unfolded:

Dance 1 – Ore & Joanna : American Smooth

The judges chose the couple to perform their American Smooth Foxtrot again from Week Three. The panel said the dance had potential to score a maximum points after it scored 35 the first time around. Len was delighted with the performance; “You're the boy that brings joy. Honestly I thought it was a great number before, but you've taken great to an even greater place.” The other judges agreed and Ore started the show with a 39 point haul.

Dance 2 – Louise & Kevin : Cha Cha

The judges chose the cha cha for Kevin and Louise who danced to pop classic “What a Feeling!” The judges were delighted with the performance, with Len calling it a “red hot cha-cha from a red hot Redknapp”. The judges awarded it 38 points, one less than Ore but 7 more than the previous time the couple performed the routine.

Dance 3 – Danny & Oti : Quickstep

In week four, the pair scored 36 points for their Quickstep. The judges believed they could go even better in a second attempt and haul in maximum points. It wasn't perfect and they scored the same as their first attempt, four nines from the judges. “It was bright, it was lively, it was elegant and you are a first class dancer” was the view of Craig, but Darcey did admit that there were small mistakes.

Dance 4 – Ore & Joanne : Showdance

The showdance is the opportunity for the couples to show everything they've learnt over the course of the series. It needed to be big, bold and exciting and could be the difference between winning and losing. Their routine contained a bit of everything, a touch of tango, some kicks and flicks from a Charleston and some elegance straight out of a Viennese waltz. The judges loved it. Darcey was delighted; “It was fun, full, fast and classic. I love the highlights from all the dances. They appeared in so many special spots and brought back so many good memories.” The pair were awarded their first maximum of the series, bringing in a 40 point haul.

Dance 5 – Louise & Kevin : Showdance

In an emotional and dramatic performance, Louise and Kevin put on a display filled with fantastic lifts and spins. Darcey thought it was “Very touching and very emotional”, whilst Bruno was moved to tears by the beauty of the performance. The judges awarded them 38 points, the same as they received for their previous routine.

Dance 6 – Danny & Oti : Showdance

Expectations were high for Danny & Oti, who have been front runners all through the series. They took on a daring routine, with a mix of tango, Paso Doble and contemporary dance. It was dramatic and elegant as the pair danced to “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele and brought the house down.

The judges were absolutely delighted with the performance. “That exploded, like a firework of passion. You have a commitment to telling a story. Everything you do has a meaning, everything you do makes sense and is perfectly fitted.” said Bruno. Even Craig was impressed; “Two words. Totally brilliant”. Unsurprisingly, the pair received straight 10's.

Dance 7 – Ore & Joanne : Jive

In week four, Ore and Joanne had the audience and judges on their feet after scoring 39 points for their jive and it was then that he set the bar high for the competition. In their final dance of the series, they went one better and scored a maximum of 40. “I can't bear it, you're so good. I've got nothing to complain about” said Craig. It was one of the most memorable dances of the series and they certainly did it justice in the final. Len was equally impressed; “It's people like you who give me the most pleasure on strictly, people with no dance background at all. Gradually as the weeks go by, you grow to love dancing and we grow to love you. Ore, you are the spirit of Strictly”.

Dance 8 – Louise & Kevin : Argentine Tango

Louise and Kevin delivered one of the best Argentine Tango's in Strictly history earlier in the series, so it was no surprise they chose to re-perform the dance in the final. It was just as much of a hit second time around. “The intensity, the power, the control, the balance. It was perfect!” said Darcey. “I'm so pleased that the audience at home are the one's deciding because that was superlative darling” Craig added.

Dance 9 – Danny & Oti : Samba

The final dance of Strictly 2016 saw Danny & Oti perform their blockbuster Samba. In the pre-dance clip, Oti said “If it's got to go out, let's go out with a bang!” Well they certainly did, with another full house of 10's. Len lead the plaudits, “It was perfect last time and if anything it was a little bit more perfect this time” and Bruno agreed; “It was another one for the history books, it won't be forgotten”.

With all the dances done, it was in the hands of the public and after a few hours of voting it was Ore and Joanne who lifted the Glitterball trophy.

It was also the final time Len Goodman would sit as head judge on Strictly. After 14 series of the hit show, Len is finally hanging up his dancing shoes. As a video played towards the end of the show, there were tributes from former contestants, fellow judges and the professional dancers. It's still unknown as to who will replace him as head judge in the next series, but he will return for the Christmas special.

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