Last updated: December 2019

Street Dance Classes Near Me UK

Finding a street dance class near me in the UK is easy with 1,000's of street dance classes available for children and adults. Find street dancing classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Private street dance lessons are also available on this website.

Use the search on this page, just add your postcode.

How to Choose a Street Dance Class?

There are many different styles of dance that fall under the 'Street Dance' umbrella including popping, locking, krumping, breaking, clowning, 'hip hop', up rock, street jazz, b-boyism and others.

Street dance teachers, will include the various styles in their classes and courses. It is best to book a course where you will learn the different styles first hand. Search for street dancing classes on this website.

Who Should Join a Street Dance Class?

Ideal for children, teenagers and adults. It is massively popular worldwide, you can learn to become become a competitive street dancer or just learn a few moves and steps. It is a style of dance where you can impress your friends and really stand out from the crowd. Street dancing classes boost confidence and self esteem.

What Can I Expect in a Street Dance Class?

Street dancing is very popular, featuring cool moves, rhythm and co-ordination. Join this massively popular dance style, for those who want to become competitive street dancers, or those who simply want to learn a few moves and steps, Street dance classes are energetic and a great way to get into shape and have fun!

  • Beginners Street classes are tailored for people with little or no previous experience in street dancing and hip-hop styles, and are lead by the best street dance teachers. Learn the key elements which make street dance; groove, character, originality, intention, creativity and social interaction. You will learn the core practices and Street Dance moves & techniques, and put them into practice with choreography and freestyle sessions.
  • Intermediate Street dance classes, will take it to the next level. These classes start to push the boundaries a little further, by digging deeper into different street dance techniques.You will learn new choreography, to improve your rhythm, musicality and physical abilities. This class will encourage you to find your own style and it will help you learn how to express yourself.
  • Advanced and Competition level Street Dance, get private street dance coaching and advice to help you work on perfecting your street dance style. Develop your own moves and choreography.

Where Do I Find Street Dancing Classes?

Street dancing is popular, and as a result there is a growing number of specialist street dance schools, dance clubs, dance studios, and teachers that specialise in Street dance with classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.

Find local street dance classes in London or any major UK city on Dance Near You, the UK's No1 street dance finder.

Where Did Street Dance Come From?

Street Dance classes Street-Dance is an urban form of dance and its origins came from the Hip-Hop culture in New York during the 1970s. Street Dance evolved outside of dance studios in any available open space such as nightclubs, the streets and parks. However, now more and more classes are being taught within dance studios and dance schools. Street Dance is often improvisational and very social in nature due to the tight routines that are formed.

Find Street Dance Classes Near Me

Use the search to find local street dance classes in London or any major UK city this will bring up local street dance clubs, dance studios and Street dance teachers offering Street Dancing classes classes near you.