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Steve's Message on Strictly: 'Anyone can learn to dance and gain great joy from it'

26th November 2014

Steve's Message on Strictly: 'Anyone can learn to dance and gain great joy from it'
What a week of strictly Come Dancing it's been! As the legend himself Barry Manilow performs two of his classic songs we say goodbye to another celeb, this time Steve Bradshaw.

In another saddening elimination we saw Steve in the dance off against Sunetra, who was saved from elimination last week against Judy Murray.

Sunetra's saving performance was her sultry Waltz, which featured controlled twirls and bends, both elegant and enthralling showing her as a stronger dance this week. The calibre of dancers is so high this year that although her performance was good, it still managed to land Sunetra in the dance off again this week.

Steve and Ola performed an energetic cheerleader inspired Jive as their final dance together. Steve, donning a jock outfit slid across the floor to catch his partner Ola, where they both continued to tap to the beat on 'Little Bitty Pretty One'. It's clear Steve has come on leaps and bounds from his first dances, where his body seemed stiff and rigid. Steve has loosed up week upon week and whilst sometimes can seem a little awkward in his movements is always on beat with his steps and twists. Steve effortlessly threw Ola into the air and around his shoulders, maintaining his constant happy face all the while.

Upon leaving the show, Steve commented: “That's why everyone loves Strictly, it's this incredible, uplifting experience of seeing people doing something positive and seeing that anyone can learn how to dance and get great joy from it."

He went on to say he was "bursting with pride at how all of his fellow dancers have progressed."

Now's the season for social dancing, so make like the Strictly celebs and brush up on your ballroom skills to impress over the festive season!

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