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Spice up your Summer with a dance class

5th May 2016

Spice up your Summer with a dance class
Dancing is great fun all year round, but there are some styles that feel that much more authentic when you learn them in the blazing sunshine. You can lose yourself to the rhythm, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a sandy beach in the Caribbean, when in fact, you're actually just at your local dance school!

Certain dance styles such as Salsa, Kizomba, Rumba and Samba have South American roots. They were born on the streets of cities like Rio De Janeiro, but the flamboyant and sexy dance steps have long since gone worldwide and are popular dance classes all around the globe.

Nowhere more so than here in the UK, where there are dance studios and dance instructors around the country offering a variety of different classes.

You might be thinking, why should I try Salsa or Kizomba, when there are hundreds of dance styles to choose from. Well, I'm going to tell you...

Salsa Classes

Originating from the sunny shores of Guantanamo Bay (no, not the part you're thinking of), the Salsa takes its influence from the sounds and moves of Cuban culture. Salsa dancing really took off in the 1950's when it became popular in Havana. Since then, Salsa has gone global and has been further influenced by other sounds and dance styles. There's the likes of the New York Salsa, Puerto Rican salsa, Colombia's Salsa Dura and West African Salsa! Different sounds create new rhythms which in turn mean new steps... It's an ever-evolving dance style that is great fun to learn.

It's a fantastic way of exercising and can be done with a friend, a partner or just another person at the class! The salsa can range from being a quick paced dance or be slowed down for beginners. Whether you've got two left feet or look like a pro, there's certainly a class and teacher to suit you.

Kizomba Classes

Kizomba has existed since the 1970's but only in recent years has become more popular globally. It is a French-African inspired dance that originated in Angola. It's grown in popularity alongside the Kizomba music genre. It combines steps and sounds from the likes of the Angolan semba dance and the Passada.

As a style, it is a lot slower than the likes of the Salsa. It has a slow, yet sensual rhythm and is definitely a partner dance.

Latin dance classes

Latin dances have similar features that make them a Latin dance, but that doesn't mean there isn't a huge range in styles. Because there is, and you've probably heard of most of them. We've already covered the major one, Salsa, but there's also the likes of the Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Tango... the list is huge.

What makes a Latin dance, a Latin dance? Generally, the dance style originates from Latin America and you'd probably be able to identify them all from watching Strictly Come Dancing. Despite its modernisation in recent years, Latin dancing has a rich and cultural heritage.

They are extremely flamboyant, energetic, fun-filled and passionate. Learning them with a partner is a great way to relight the fire in your relationship.

How to find dance classes

Finding a dance class is easy, regardless of the style you are looking for. On Dance Near You there are dance instructors and studios around the country offering a great range of dance classes. So whether you are looking for beginners salsa dancing or an advanced Kizomba class, there is something for you.

There are also lots of great social dancing events, especially involving Cuban and Latin dancing. You can get yourself booked in online to most of these by using our ticket purchasing facility. Or if you'd prefer, you can simply enquire with the instructor.
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