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Special offer! Popping class in North West London

17th March 2014

Special offer! Popping class in North West London
Big News! Thanks to popular demand B-Better have relaunched their popping class in North West London.

What's popping?

Popping is a street dance style which uses quick muscle contractions to create quick and impressive body 'pops' or 'hits' - think Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

Sound like your kind of thing?

Why not join B-Better on Saturday afternoons for their Popping class in North West London?

The Popping classes are run by former UK popping champion, Jutsu which means you'll ready to show off your new moves in no time.

Want to see Jutsu in action?

Check out B-Better's video page by clicking the link below and selecting Video. We can guarantee you'll want to give Popping a go once you've seen the moves.

Special Offer!

Get your first Popping class with B-Better HALF PRICE!

Plus! Your fifth popping, street dance class with them is FREE.

With such fantastic discounts and a UK champion teaching you, what's to stop you from giving a popping class a go?

Popping street dance classes in North West London with Jutsu.

For more information and to enquire about any of B-Better's dance classes in London or Staines, including break dance classes, hip hop classes and krumping classes, click the link below.

Please note all special offers are subject to vendor discretion and may be removed at any point.