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Sparks Fly During Strictly on Fireworks Night

7th November 2016

Sparks Fly During Strictly on Fireworks Night
Sparks were flying on fireworks night as Strictly saw some of the most memorable performances to date. Energy was the request from the judges and it's safe to say the celebrities brought it.

Heading for the Exit

Despite Craig begrudgingly admitting that Ed Balls has been improving over the last few weeks, he was left bottom of the leader board again, albeit with a respectable 27 points. Once again the public enjoyed his efforts and found him entertaining so opted to keep him in the process.

Unfortunately Ore didn't turn the heat up as he has in previous weeks, and this resulted in him earning himself a place in the dance off. Similarly Laura Whitmore didn't live up to her own high standards as the music was too fast and left her looking 'a little awkward'. This left her in the bottom two.

Despite not impressing during their first attempts, Ore and Laura really turned it on in the dance off. Bruno likened it to 'splitting hairs' and was clearly left frustrated with two of the current favourites left in the dance off. Despite Laura Whitmore's improvements the judges unanimously voted for Ore and she has had to leave the process.

Going for the Glitterball

Daisy Lowe came back strong after 2 successive weeks in the dance off. Bruno enjoyed the 'charming child like performance' and they achieved their highest score to date, 34. Despite going off the boil over the last couple weeks, it's safe to say Danny Mac is back. He was full of speed and energy and was rewarded with 2 10's and a score of 38.

Danny Mac's performance would've topped the table on any other week, however it was Louise Redknapp's 'Argentine Heaven' that set the ball room alight on fireworks night as she scored a near perfect 39. She is clearly a very talented dancer, but perhaps some of the performance could be put down to Kevin's pep talk before the dance, 'no matter what happens I think you're brilliant'.

Best of the Rest

Greg Rutherford celebrated fireworks night in style as he came back with a bang after a couple of disappointing weeks. They were previously criticised for Natalie protecting Greg, however this was not the case this week as he appeared more confident and led the dance throughout.

Despite his 'trout face' Judge Rinder was his usual energetic self as he ignited like a catherine wheel as he put on a great show, achieving a personal best of 32 in the process. The dynamic firecracker Claudia impressed again as she scored 33 and was described as one of the most natural dancers the judges have seen.

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