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Shirley Ballas says ballroom dancing must get back on its feet.

22nd June 2021

Shirley Ballas says ballroom dancing must get back on its feet.

Interviewed on the recently launched NewsUK Shirley Ballas a judge on Strictly Come Dancing felt that the dance industry was suffering from the delay in ending the current lockdown putting many dance teachers careers and schools at risk.

Shirley said “My the concern is for the younger generation stuck at home, and people who value the social aspects of Ballroom dancing.” 

In the interview Shirley commented that the ballroom and dance industry has been ignored by the government. It's not logical that people can go to Wembley to watch the English team, or Ascot, where large crowds gathered. And yet other sectors such as dance, theatre and entertainment where still in lockdown. "Its a bit mind boggling. It's devastatingly confusing."

The dance and entertainment industry has been treated as a bit player by Oliver Dowden Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom. This is despite Strictly Come Dancing is one of the most popular programmes on BBC TV.

Britain is the hub of ballroom dancing, dance competitions, and productions according to Shirley and yet it is still unable to function, yet other countries are up and running. 

Shirley said that we need help “Give us a chance get the dance industry up and running. We can run our industry in a COVID safe environment.”

All is not lost despite the lockdown children's dance is up and running, one on one tuition is starting and many of the NearYou dance studios are eager to open in July. Fingers crossed.

Source: NearYou