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What is sequence dancing?

Sequence dancing offers gentle exercise and mental stimulation. It is a partner dance, where the dancers follow a fixed pattern of steps. All the dancers start and finish at the same time, dancing the same steps in the sequence at the same time. Sequence dancers follow each other clockwise around the dance floor.

The dance is popular amongst pensioners, over 60s, and older age groups who have the basics of standard and latin ballroom dancing.

The dance goes back to the 17th Century with additions to the dances. Sequence dancing is usually choreographed and danced to lots of different types of mid temp music.

What are the types of Sequence dancing?

The main styles performed in Sequence are Classical Sequence, Modern Sequence and Latin Sequence;

  • Classical Sequence
    This dance style works with aspects of the Waltz, Tango and Two Step, creating patterns of movement to fit into 16 bar sections. Classical Sequence is a partner dance which uses different holds between the man and woman to create interesting patterns.
  • Latin Sequence
    Similar in construction to Classical Sequence, given the fact that the couple hold each other in different ways. Rhythms covered are the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble.
  • Modern Sequence
    This style also uses rhythms of the Waltz, Tango and Quick Step but instead of changing the way the partners contact each other, the hold remains constant throughout. This type of Sequence dance became popular in the 1950's.

Is Sequence dancing easy to learn?

Dancers who have danced before and understand the basics of standard and latin ballroom dancing will pick up sequence dancing in minutes. As a beginner, you'll get the chance to learn at a more relaxed pace, using many of the steps that are repeated in various forms in many other dances.

For many, Sequence Dancing is a social event in a non-pressurised atmosphere and the dances easy to learn and fun to dance.

Is Sequence dancing good for you?

Studies in the USA have shown conclusively that dancing is the best way for older generations to keep fit and mentally active. Research demonstrated that dancing is more beneficial than chess or cross worlds for keeping the brain active.

Sequence dancing is a social partner dance, it can reduce loneliness - a big issue for seniors. It is an opportunity to dress up smart and get out of the house.

Sequence dancers stay fit and mobile, it is a light aerobic workout that requires a minimum amount of flexibility and mobility.

Where can I find a sequence dance class near me?

Sequence Dance Clubs are to be found in nearly every city or town in the UK. Use Dance Near You to find a local Sequence Dance class near you. Just enter your postcode in the local dance finder section on this page.