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Finding a salsa class in the UK is easy with 1,000's of salsa classes available near you.

The popularity of Salsa dancing is growing in the UK. Salsa provides a means to connect with others so taking Salsa dance lessons is a great way to meet people and learn a new dance. Salsa classes offer a bustling and vibrant atmosphere and they are fun and relaxed.

Salsa dance classes can be held in a range of venues including dance studios, salsa clubs, dance shools, and in a growing number of clubs. These will often have a combination of excellent and often live salsa music.

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Salsa has an addictive quality inherent in its rhythm which fuels the desire to become part of it and express it physically. Salsa is simply hot and its seduction lies in its simplicity. Salsa is all about having fun and a good time. You are free to vary the basic steps and improvise your own moves allowing you to do almost anything.

People of all ages can learn to Salsa, from children to senior citizens. Novices to advanced can all learn from professional salsa dance teachers. Due to the style of the Salsa it is important to listen to the beat of the music and you will often see people swapping partners throughout the dance which means you are partnered up with a variety of people making it a very social dance.

There are Salsa dance classes for everyone. However, salsa is more energetic. The music is up tempo and requires fluid hip action, so it is favoured by younger people.


Salsa dancing originated from Cuba and is usually performed with partners, with group styles gaining in popularity.

There are two main Salsa dance styles: Latin American and North American Salsa.

Salsa is a dance that is continually evolving and changing. Cuba Salsa is seeing a growth in popularity in the UK with new clubs and schools opening up.

The style of Salsa dancing will depend on the dance teacher, studio or salsa club and may involve a number of styles.

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Salsa dancing lessons in London are very popular but there hundreds of clubs and salsa schools other major UK cities.