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Pole Passion Reaches New Heights!

10th July 2014

Pole Passion Reaches New Heights!
Pole dancing will reach new heights this weekend with an outdoor pole party on Ben Nevis. At 1,344 metres above sea level Ben Nevis, in the Scottish Highlands, will be the highest Pole Passions dance venue to-date.

Kay Penney, owner of Pole Passion, will scale Ben Nevis with a dance pole strapped to her back and climbing poles in her hands - this should make for an interesting twist on pole dancing!

According to Kay,"We thought what a great place for an outdoor pole party! And we are not deterred by a bit of ice and mountain mist".

Pole passion advises the party to wear a feather boa and frilly knickers plus more mundane but essential walking boots and bobble hats.

The Pole event is donating funds from the event to"Just Giving" cancer charities.

If you are interested in joining Kay's Pole Dance Party at the top of Ben Nevis call 01293 888 200.