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What is pole dancing?

Pole dancing fitness classes offer a combination of dancing and gymnastics exercises, it is a full-body workout. It offers resistance training and cardio all in one, strengthening stomach muscles, abs, and lower back muscles. Pole dance fitness is loads of fun.

Pole dancers need to be able to climb, lift and hold their body weight in a variety of positions against the pole. This requires good upper body physical strength and stamina.

Pole dancers men and women learn sensuous pole choreography making it a fun workout.

What are the benefits of pole dancing?

Pole dance has grown in popularity as a form of physical exercise. Pole dance classes are an alternative way to keep fit and have lots of fun. It combines a physical workout to music with graceful moves. The key benefits of joining a pole dance class are:

  • It's lots of fun
  • Burns fat fast
  • Increases upper body strength
  • Develops your muscle tone
  • Improves flexibility
  • Develops confidence

Find a local pole dancing courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level students using the search form on this page, or access online pole dancing classes or watch video on demand.

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Why you should join a pole dancing class?

Learning Pole dancing techniques is a fun and friendly way to keep fit and is open to everyone, no matter what your age, size or shape. Pole dancing is a performing art traditionally amongst women but an increasing number of men are incorporating pole fitness into their training regimes.

Pole dancing is regarded as a recognised form of fitness exercise and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.

A good level of fitness and upper body strength is important and this takes time to develop. So don't give up, just give it time and you will improve and your body will learn to bend around that pole!

What equipment do a need to start pole dancing?

Pole dance studios will provide equipment for beginners. The studios will provide poles, crash mats, grip aids, mirrors, and good lighting. Pole fitness instructors will advise you to buy your own personal grip aids and ankle protectors.

If you are practicing at home, or joining an online Zoom pole class, you will need to purchase a good quality portable pole, a crash mat, and grips. It's important that you join a beginners pole dance course.

Please do not attempt pole dancing at home without attending a beginners pole online course.

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How long does it take to get good at pole dancing?

It depends on the student. As a brand new pole dancer, for your first 3 months, you should aim to practice or attend a class once a week. If you come into pole dancing from a dance or gymnastics background, you will advance more quickly. As long as you have a good teacher, a good coach, and a good studio, you can become excellent.

In addition consider spending 5-10 minutes per day honing your strength, by doing yoga, or pilates, to focus on body awareness, alignment, and flexibility. Pole dancing is a journey, where you can progress at your own speed.

Only use qualified pole dance teachers!

Where do I find a pole dancing class near me?

Pole dance fitness classes are popping up in fitness centres and dance studios, dance clubs near you. Pole dancing classes in London are very popular but interest is strong and growing in other major UK cities.

A range of pole dancing classes are available on this pole dancing directory including private pole dance tuition use the pole dance finder on this page.

Use the form on this page to find an qualified pole dance instructors, teachers, or pole dance studios offering pole dancing classes near you.