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Only 14% of Children are taking part in organised sport.

17th February 2017

Only 14% of Children are taking part in organised sport.
A recent report has discovered that children between the ages of 14-16 aren't doing enough exercise. Youth charity “OnSide” made some worrying discoveries in their research in to the leisure habits of teenagers.

You may not be surprised to hear that teenagers spend too long in their bedrooms transfixed to a screen!

But some of these will shock you..

66% - the number of young people aged 14-16 that spent the majority of their leisure time in their bedroom.
57% - the number of boys spending the majority of their time gaming.
54% - how many girls spend the majority of their time socialising... online.
14% - of teenagers took part in an organised club or sports team.

The main reason children don't exercise? 82% of children said their local area offers very little for them to do outside of school hours. Additionally, 71% said that if there was something available, the expense stopped them from participating.

Dance classes are the answer!

Dance classes are a great solution to all of these problems. Dance schools are always looking for new students. By taking part, not only do you enjoy a new hobby, but you also learn new valuable life skills.

Joining a local dance school often entails introductory offers such as free trial class or special discounts! This is a great way to try an exciting new hobby without having to spend too much money. Beyond that, classes are relatively inexpensive compared to other fitness activities!

One of the main reasons dance classes are so popular, is that you can attend with friends. And once you've mastered your new moves, you have someone to show them off to!

Alongside being great fun, dance classes give children the opportunity to get their much needed physical activity. This will increase fitness and make their bodies stronger.

Dance classes aren't just for girls! All dance clubs take on male members. It's a great way for a young man to learn a creative new skill. Unfortunately, most are concerned about what their peers would say if they knew they started a dance class. But trust me, if you show them your awesome break dancing skills you learnt at your local dance club, they'll soon come around!

Find a dance class near you

With Dance Instructors located all around the UK, finding a local dance teacher is easier than ever. On Dance Near You, there are thousands of classes available around the country.

To find a local dance class, just visit the DNY homepage and search using your postcode to find the nearest clubs. You can then use the contact button to email the instructor, or even buy your class there and then to reserve your spot!
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