How a Pilates class can make you a better dancer

3rd July 2017

How a Pilates class can make you a better dancer
Many athletes use Pilates classes as part of their training program in order to keep themselves in peak physical condition. It's common place in sports such as Tennis, Golf and Equestrian, with top stars of the game giving it plenty of time each week.

Dance is another sport that can benefit greatly from Pilates classes. Whilst dance is not always a competitive sport, it can benefit all types of dancers from ballroom champions to West End performers.

What are the benefits of Pilates classes for dancers?

Lots of dancers are now taking Pilates sessions and that's led to fusion styles such as Barre Pilates and Ballet Barre being created. However, it's not just for ballet dancers, all kinds of dancers can benefit for a variety of reasons.

Improved Core Strength

Pilates is all about the core strength. It reaches the deep muscles in the body that regular workouts just cant hit. This helps to tone and strengthen muscles such as the abdominals and the muscles that support the spine. Most arm moves in dance are started from the back muscles, so this is important.


Posture is crucial in dance. In styles such as ballet and ballroom, the form and shape of the body is what you are judged on. By improving your posture through a series of Pilates mat exercises or on the Pilates reformer., your posture will improve and this will help improve technique.


Dance is a lot of hard work. Constant movement and high energy make for a tough workout on the whole body, regardless of whether you're just going to a beginner's tango class or you're a full time performer on the West End. Stamina and strength are to vital ingredients in the success of a dancer, they have to be able to exert maximum energy over long periods without feeling fatigued.


Pilates classes will improve the condition of muscles and allow you to stretch them further. In some dance styles, it's important stretch legs or arms to the maximum, so Pilates helps improve technique. Pilates and dance are complimentary because it keeps the muscles long and lean. Dancers need to tone, not bulk and this can be achieved through Pilates.


Pilates places focus on precision. It focuses on how the body aligns and pays close attention to how each part of the body moves. This means when learning it requires a lot of concentration, an attribute you need in abundance to be a good dancer.

Pilates also improves your awareness. It allows you to gain a greater knowledge of how the body feels as it moves which gives you more understanding of your capabilities. It also improves perceptual awareness, so you can really be aware of what's going on around you on stage or on the dancefloor.


Pilates classes often consist of a series of movements that flow one into the next. This is the same as in a dance routine. All of the moves have to fit together and keep a good rhythm, in some cases very elegantly.

How to find a local Pilates class for dancers

Regardless of whether you are a dancer looking to improve your skills or whether you just want a new way to stay in shape, a Pilates class is a great way to do it. Dance and Pilates go hand-in-hand perfectly.

With thousands of classes around the UK, it's easy to find a local Pilates studio with a class that can fit easily into your schedule.

Pilates Near You has qualified Pilates instructors around the country offering classes. Dance Near You also has thousands of dance classes across the country taught by qualified dance teachers if you are looking for a dance class.

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Source: Dance Near You