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More men should take dance classes

7th June 2016

More men should take dance classes
If you're a man but you don't want to try a dance class, my question to you is... why not?

Is it not masculine enough? Do you feel a bit embarrassed about the idea? Well you shouldn't and we're going to explain why.

In the swinging 60's and the 70's, dancing was very much the 'in' thing for young couples who wanted to go out and enjoy themselves. It was a social affair, a fun way to spend an evening.

This a far cry from the modern day and evenings filled with watching Netflix and binge eating snacks that you know you shouldn't.

However dancing can still be a great alternative way to exercise and have fun.

Get fit

Most dancers tend to be pretty lean, toned and athletic. There's a reason for that. It's because they're dancers. Dance is a full body work out, whatever style you learn. This means it's great for cardio and it's a great way to lose weight as well. Even more so if you try a specific dance fitness class. Zumba classes are very popular these days, as are pole fitness classes. They offer some alternative dance styles which can be great fun to learn.

It also has a number of physical benefits, such as increased flexibility and it lowers the chance of heart disease. Dancing also helps prevent osteoporosis by keeping your joints mobile and strengthening your bones.

It's good for your brain

When you learn to dance, one of the hardest parts is learning the steps. You're moving fast, your feet are flowing and all of a sudden you take a wrong step and the dance is done. The memorising of the steps is good for your brain, especially if you are older. It has been proven that ballroom dancing in particular is a great way to help prevent the onset of dementia. According to BUPA, it decreases the chances of you getting it 76%.

Treat your partner

What better way to make your partner feel special than to inject some romance into the relationship? Dancing can be a very sensual experience and is all about the way the body moves. South American dances such as the tango, salsa and rumba can be very sexy and are great fun to learn. Neither of you will start as a natural, so you'll have plenty of laughs along the way.

Want to give it a try?

On Dance Near You, finding a dance class is easy. There are hundreds of dance instructors and dance studios across the UK offering a whole range of dance styles. With so many variations of dance ranging from ballroom classes, to ballet classes to zumba classes, there is certainly something to suit you.

To find the nearest dance classes to you, search your postcode on the main website. You can choose your experience level and dance style before searching. This will help identify the instructors nearest you and once you have found a class that suits you, you'll be able to contact the instructor to get a better feel for it.
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