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Make your wedding dance feel special

30th July 2015

Make your wedding dance feel special
A wedding day is a special moment in the life of any couple, and will have treasured memories for a lifetime to be shared with family, friends and loved ones. And so it is the fairytale dream of many brides to make sure the venue, the cake and essentially the dress is absolutely perfect. That is not to say that the groom doesn't have certain expectations. A good looking suit, picking the right best man and making sure he doesn't step on the toes of his newly wedded bride with two left feet.

Let the day run smoothly, just like your dance moves.

It doesn't matter how far away your big day is, be it two months or a year, it is never too late or too early to sign up for wedding dance classes. Many dance teachers would recommend to book a course of lessons, likely as a special wedding package so you can become fluent with the routine and confident to take to to floor with no fear.

Choosing the right dance style

A typical, traditional wedding dance is usually in the ballroom style such as the waltz, foxtrot or American smooth with a slow pace and easy steps to remember, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Taking lessons will help you to move swiftly and smoothly across the dance floor and mesmerise your partner and wedding guests.

This doesn't mean you can't be more adventurous with you first dance, and learn the moves for tango, jive or salsa. But then again, ballroom isn't the only option, thanks to the growing popularity of online videos of wedding dances to modern hip hop and street dance (with one to two attempts at break dancing too). You simply decide on the right style for your wedding.

Moving to the right music

Before attending a class, decide with your partner on your wedding dance song. The music is just as important as the choice of dance style and moves, and it will be useful for the teacher to know how you envision the precious moment. It may be a little difficult to dance the Viennese-waltz to the rhythm of Beyonce's Crazy in Love.

Dance with confidence

All eyes are on you and your new bride or groom when you take to the floor and the last thing you want is to feel nervous about counting your steps and not tripping over the wedding dress. The first dance as husband and wife will be a perfect moment when you feel confident about your dancing.

It's not all about the big day

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Taking wedding dance lessons with your partner is a chance to relax and have fun together in the lead up to the big day, as well as peace of mind.

Time to shine your shoes

It takes time to learn even the basic steps for a dance routine, so when looking for classes it is best to find opportunities to book a course in wedding dance tuition or block booking offers. A course of lesson or block booking means better value and the dance teacher will get to learn more about you as a couple and help make your first dance as husband and wife even more special.

To find a wedding dance class in your area, use the class search on Dance Near You, select the style you are interested in learning and get in touch with a local teacher or dance studio.

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