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Make Dance Your New Year's Resolution!

2nd January 2015

Make Dance Your New Year's Resolution!
With an endless array of dance styles to choose from there really is something for everyone. From line dancing to Zumba, ballet to street dance, any style that takes your fancy is available and can help to enhance your fitness, flexibility, coordination and much more.

Dance is a great alternative way to improve your fitness without having to go to the gym or see a personal trainer. Not only will you be learning a new dance skill, you can use dance as a way to improve your health and stamina after the festive period!

In 2014 Strictly Come Dancing received a record number of watchers; we witnessed some fantastic ballroom moves! The Celebs managed to reach the calibre of professional dancers in just thirteen weeks, which is something you could do too!

Dance is great to learn and equips you with a fun new skill. Dance is not only great for the physical benefits but for the practical side of life too; it can help with your balance, coordination and confidence.

All levels of dancers are welcomed to classes, from absolute beginners all the way up to advanced dancers. For a faster pace of dance and to incorporate fitness into your routine too, why not give Zumba a try? It's great for working up a sweat, learning a routine and getting fit. Or you could opt for a more traditional style of dance such as ballet, which will lengthen and strengthen your muscles as well as allowing you to take a professional dance route.

To find a dance class near you and try dance as your new year's resolution, click the links below!
Source: www.dancenearyou.co.uk