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Londoners learn Tango with Master Instructor Raquel Greenberg

23rd November 2018

Londoners learn Tango with Master Instructor Raquel Greenberg

The London Tango scene is blessed with dancers from all over the world. Now you can learn from one of the best… introducing Raquel Greenberg a Master Argentine Tango Instructor and Choreographer.

Raquel teaches a fusion of traditional tango and “new age” tango. She has studied and worked with the Tango greats and has 22 years teaching and performing experience form around the world so you're in good hands. Tango beginners find her energy, commitment, and her irrepressible energy contagious leaving them wanting more.

Here is your chance to learn Tango Dancing

Raquel Tango Dance academy teaches Tango from absolute beginners through to advanced technique. She teaches men and women in a clear and methodical way, supporting and encouraging students’, providing the right level of attention to help students progress with lots of individual feedback.

Her tango classes focus on grace and beauty as well as technique with clear explanations, and generous time to learn and grow.

London Tango classes for everyone

From Tango beginner to experienced dancers male and female. Raquel's Tango Dance academy has a range of classes and Tango experienced teachers and guests to cater for all levels.

With offers range of classes, workshops and events there a class for everybody.

Looking for individual attention? Learn from one of the best Tango teachers in London where you can perfect your dancing technique.

Why not take advantage of her special introductory offer 5 hours of Tango lessons in Central London for only £50.88. Find out more about this limited offer here.

If you're getting married? Why not amaze your wedding guests with a Tango wedding dance. Tango is a very passionate dance… it is the ultimate way to celebrate your wedding.

Experienced Tango dancers can polish up there technique and method with Raquel's special Tango workshops.

Beginners Tango in London

Why not join Raquel, she is running Christmas special that's a 4 day beginners Tango crash course in central London. Join the course and learn the basic steps and moves under the helpful eye of Raquel. This course is ideal for beginners, people looking to join the wonderful world of Tango dancing.

That's 4 days of classes over the Christmas holiday for only £42.40 per person. You don't need to bring partner its relaxed and informal and a great way to meet new people.

You can find out more about this 4 day course and book online here.

Milonga parties in London

Raquel Greenberg Tango Dance Academy throughout the year. If you're in London over the New Year why not join Raquel this Christmas she is running a New Year's Eve Milonga Party in Central London.

It's going to be glittering night suitable for all Tango lovers. No need for partner, just turn up and dance, dance, dance into the New Year! Its only £26.50 for 5 hours of Tango dancing.

Find out more about the New Year's Eve Milonga Party here.

On Good hands

Raquel has won the Latin UK awards for best Tango teacher, has performed at the queen Elisabeth hall, Royal festival hall, the Olympic games, Blackpool Tower Ballroom and in many other events and in London the UK and internationally… you're in good hands.

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