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Line Dancing shakes off its Country and Western Image!

25th September 2018

Line Dancing shakes off its Country and Western Image!

In the last few years line dancing has emerged as one of the top searches on Dance Near You, the UK's leading dance class finder. Its changed over recent years. If you think of cowboy hats and calls of ‘yee ha’ when you hear the term ‘line dancing’, think again!

Its thrown off the cowboy boots, check shirts and has embraced change with new styles, new routines and new music. Its proving to be a winning formula.

Line Dancing a hit in London

Line dancing is a great form of exercise, suitable for all age groups, and you don’t even need a partner! Its accessible, its fun and you get to meet lots of new interesting people.

Hundreds of Line Dance Routines

There are thousands of different line dance routines covering various levels of difficulty. Performers (men and women) dance in rows, usually facing in the same direction.

Steps are choreographed in sequences which are repeated – usually with the rows turning and repeating the sequences, facing in different directions.

Its a great way to have fun and keep fit.

Line Dancing is cheaper than therapy!

In addition to providing good physical exercise, line dancing is also good for the brain – the various sequences have to be learned, remembered and executed (and those allowing their minds to wander will soon find themselves facing in the wrong direction!).

Having said that, in most cases, mistakes are quickly forgiven and laughed about, and having ‘fun’ is just as important as ‘perfect performances’.

Line dancing a music mix

To attract a new set of dancers to line dancing and to get over its country and Western image clubs and venues in London favour a mix of rock, pop, disco, Latin, Swing, to name just a few.

If this sounds like the sort of social dancing and music that would appeal to you (and it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80), why not give it a try.

Form a line and make a friend

You’ll quickly make a whole host of new friends. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes – ‘cowboy boots’ are certainly not required – neither is a cowboy hat!

The really good news is that a line dancing classes are running across London.

Find a London Line dancing Class Near me in London

Breaking news Jean Leclerc is starting a new series of Line Dancing classes in Hackney London. Its a morning class and we think its going to be fun and great value!

Book yourself into a Line Dancing class in London today!

Source: Jean Leclerc