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Line dancing classes - They're not just for Cowboys you know!

27th January 2016

Line dancing classes - They're not just for Cowboys you know!
TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Britain's Got Talent have done a world of good for dance in recent years. Ballroom dancing is more popular than ever, and kids are enrolling in street dance and funky dance classes in their droves. However one form of dance that is also going through a bit of a resurgence - but has slipped under the radar - is line dancing.

What is line dancing?

Traditionally, Line dancing is associated with country and western music and a lot of people seem to associate that with women in denim shorts and men in cowboy boots bounding round the room to rhythm of a banjo. However this is a stereotype that sails very wide of the mark. Line dance is actually a very sophisticated form of dancing that draws influence from all kinds of dance styles. It has variants of the waltz, swing dancing and promenade amongst others.

It is very focused on moving to the music and routines are always accompanied by popular music styles such as pop, swing, rock and roll, disco and jazz.
Line dancing first broke out onto the scene in the late 1950's and grew throughout the 60's as famous dances such as the 'San Francisco Stomp' and the 'Cowboy Boogie' came to the fore. The late 70's Hollywood classic 'Saturday Night Fever' also feature line dancing and boosted popularity even further. However it was in the 1990's that line dancing went mainstream, thanks to the 1992 music hit 'Achy Breaky Heart' by Billy Ray Cyrus. In fact the 90's saw country music break across genre's as it became more influenced by the line dancing craze. The late 90's saw the release of a classic pop hit that has become a 3am staple in night clubs ever since. British pop group 'Steps' released '5,6,7,8' and it proved a massive hit.

However since then, the craze of line dancing has died down. With less time spent socially dancing these days, line dance doesn't have the widespread audience it once had. But it is undergoing something of a resurgence in the last couple years and there is a greater demand to learn. Thanks to new TV shows that are increasing the popularity of dance, more people are trying to get back into it the swing of things.

Who is it good for?

Line dancing is great for beginners. It is an energetic form of dance because of its versatility, both in choreography and sound, it is a varied learning experience. The mix in line dancing styles means that quite a lot of the routines are not partnered and this means it's a great way to spend some fun time with friends and to also meet new people!

It's also a great way for older people to exercise. Recently, we wrote about how ballroom dancing is great for dementia, as it keeps the mind focused and improves the memory. Well the same can be said of line dancing, learning the steps is a great way of having to remember simple patterns and this improves focus and concentration.

Why is it good for you?

The added bonus of a line dancing class is that it's great for you fitness. The energetic nature of the style means it's a great method of losing weight and provides a good cardiovascular workout. If you do a beginners line dancing class, it's also not too challenging at first, so it allows you to gradually get into it and build up your stamina before taking on some of the more challenging routines.

It is also a fantastic social experience. With classic hits from the 60's, right through to present day chart hits blasting out all evening while you dance away, it's a great way to enjoy a night out with your friends without having to endure the hangover the following day! Or if your friends don't fancy it, it's still a great way to meet new people.

How to find a line dancing class near me

If you want to give line dancing classes a try, then finding one is easy. Simply visit the Dance Near You homepage and enter your postcode in the search. This will identify the dance instructors and dance studios in your area. Once you've found a class to suit you, simply leave an enquiry with the instructor and they'll get in touch to tell you more about their classes!

Even if line dancing isn't to your tastes, there are many dance styles available for all ages and experience levels. So have a look at the website to find out a bit more about the different dancing styles and once you've found one that you like, just have a search!
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