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Finding a line dance class in the UK is easy with 1,000's of line dancing classes available near to where you live or work.

Whatever you have heard previously about line dancing... put those thoughts aside and embrace the new culture of line dancing in the modern 20th century.

Contrary to popular opinion Line dancing was not invented by cowboys. Line dancing has its origins initially in the 1960's soul music scene in America, Followed in the 70's by the trend of dancing in lines in the discos,.in the 80's along came Billy Ray Cyrus and his video to Achy Breaky Heart and it was only really then that line dancing took off in the UK.

Modern line dance clubs teach to music from all genres to all styles of music, including soul, rock or pop, latin music, Irish, salsa, and big band music as well as country and western.

It's easy for beginners to learn and offers more energetic and complex routines for the more experienced. From the first lesson beginners will be able to enjoy dancing to a whole range of line dance routines.

Use the search box and choose Line dancing. Finding a Modern Line dance class or teacher has never been easier.


Line dancing is a dance in which a group of people dance in one or more lines and dance to a choreographed set of steps in a sequence.

Line dancing is a great way to get fit plus you don't need a partner so it's great for going out and meeting people. Line dancing is becoming increasingly popular and you should expect to hear music ranging from the 60's right through to the present day.

The great thing about line dancing is that anybody can do it as it’s only mildly energetic and the steps are easy to learn. You can start as a beginner and the more you attend the more skills you will develop and the more you can progress. More experienced line dancers will be able to improve technique as well as help instruct beginners.

To search for your local line dancing class simply use the search form and type in your postcode to find the line dance nearest class to you.


Modern Line dance classes can be found on this website you can also find traditional country and western line dance classes which dance to country and western music.

Local line dance classes may include both couple dancing and group line dancing depending on the teacher or dance studio.