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La La Land Inspires people to take up Dancing classes

13th January 2017

La La Land Inspires people to take up Dancing classes
The latest Hollywood block buster is set to inspire and motivate people to take up dancing. La La Land, an all singing, all dancing blockbuster, hits UK cinemas on Friday 13th January.

The opening scene features 30 dancers, 100 extras and at least 60 cars on an exit ramp connecting two major freeways in Los Angeles.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, the stars of the movie, are not professional dancers, and according to director Damien Chazelle, that makes all the difference.“La La Land” celebrates the amateur.

Mandy Moore, the films choreographer, was tasked with teaching Emma Stone and Ray Gosling how to dance. They both had to learn the basics of tap, ballroom dancing and jazz dancing. The dancing lessons focused on rhythms and picking up patterns and coordination exercises.

Essentially the film is about ordinary people not dance pros. According to Chazelle the dancing is “by no means perfect, but it was never supposed to be perfect."

We wanted something raw and natural. Something that people can relate too. It was important that audiences understand that these were real people and real dreamers — and that they would move in a way like real people, not just trained dancers.”

According to Mandy Moore, “I tried to instill a general love of learning how to dance in them, because I thought that that was going to go a lot further than just teaching them steps.”

This approach to learning to dance paid off with the movie breaking the record for the most Golden Globe Awards, winning seven prizes.

It won every award it was nominated for, including best musical or comedy film, best director, screenplay, score and song.

Its stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling also won in the individual acting categories.

See La La Land and get inspired dance!

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