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Krumping dance classes near me

What is Krumping?

Krumping is a fast and aggressive freestyle solo dance, allowing dancers to release their inner feelings, anger and aggression characterised by rapid, exaggerated movements of the arms and legs. Isolating parts of the body so that one body part is rigid, whilst the other is swinging, stomping, or popping, is a key component of Krumping. Krumping is a street dance style.

Krumping ethos, "it doesn't matter what you do, u just gotta do it with purpose, conviction, and, most importantly, passion". Performances are rarely choreographed, danced upright to upbeat and fast-paced music.

Krump stands for "Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise." It was started by Tight Eyez, Lil C, Big Mijo, Slayer, and Hurricane. Krumping originated in the Black community of South Central Los Angeles, California as an alternative to street violence.

How difficult is Krumping to learn?

Krumping is a difficult dance to learn - the younger you are the easier it is to become a proficient dancer and performer. It requires stamina, core strength, flexibility and balance in equal measure.

It requires the dancer to be physically fit, have balance, and attitude. It is competitive with dancers frequently battling it out with other dancers. This takes time to learn, and for the dancer to work out their own routines and style.

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What will I learn in a Krumping class?

Dancers learn the fundamental of Krumping, learn to feel the tempo, the rhythm of music. Learn how to perform with a passion. To get to be good at Krumping dancers need to learn the basics:

  • Balance is an essential ingredient in Krumping. Transitioning your body from one position to another requires the dancer so shift body weight and balance seamlessly.
  • Krumping uses isolations - this means being able to move one part of your body without moving any other. The most important skill you'll have to learn will be in isolating your chest.
  • Learn the stance, stomps, chest pops, arm swings, travel, plus tricks, syncs, and the kill offs. Once you have mastered the basics.

So why not search for a Krumping class near you today, simply using the search form on this page.

Where do I find a Krumping class near me?

So, why not give it a go and search for a local Krumping dance class near you? Alternatively, we suggest you search for street dance and look at the classes available on the profiles and see what is on offer so you can find a street dance style to suit you.

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