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What is Kizomba dance?

Kizomba dance is a slow, romantic, sensuous dance. This is a close dance for couples, featuring smooth, slow, and sensuous movement. There are frequent simultaneous hip rotations coordinated between dance partners with the lead dancer guiding the follower across the dance floor.

Kizomba originated in Angola in the 1980s, a heady mix of styles mixing Angolan traditional semba and music with Zouk rhythms. The dance is not about formal routines, tricks or turns, it focuses on connection between the dance partners.

It is one of the fastest growing styles of dance in the UK due to its catchy music, being easy to learn and a great way to meet people. It will catch your heart and soul.

Is Kizomba an easy dance to learn?

Kizomba is easy to learn. It is not hard to pick up Kizomba steps, expect to become proficient in less than a month. It's a stimulating and sensual dance style danced with a partner moving in a wavy movement, smooth and slow.

After a month you will be on your way to advanced level, where you can really work on pivot technique, slow-motion, stop motion, syncopation, create your own intricate possibilities.

It's a fun, social dance, accompanied by great music find a class near you.

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Why you should take up Kizomba dance class

Kizomba Classes are sultry and sensual at all ability levels, whether you’re a beginner looking to have fun, or an experienced dancer. The key point is Kizomba is very easy to learn, it attracts people who want to dance but don’t want to spend days, weeks, or months learning foot steps, turns and styles.

As a dance it is very accessible, inexpensive, and you get to dance to hot African and Caribbean beats and, meet cool people.

If you are looking to keep fit and learn something new and maybe meet someone new, then Kizomba is for you. Kizomba provides aerobic exercise, be aware it requires a degree of flexibility in the knees.

Where do I find a Kizomba class, or teacher near me?

Kizomba classes are available on Dance Near You. The dance is easy to learn, the hardest part is finding a class. Kizomba is often taught alongside Salsa or Latin classes or in a break out room at a dance event.

Use the search form on this page to search for this new style of dancing - it is not mainstream so you may have to try a few searches to find a Kizomba class near you. However, it is sure to catch your soul!