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Kizomba African Dance Beats Near Me

6th February 2020

Kizomba African Dance Beats Near Me

African Dance that will Rock Ya Body in 2020.

Hot music is blowing in from Africa, featuring smooth, highly danceable music is flowing into the UK and USA. Africa is exploding with new dance and music talent, from Soweto in South Africa to to Lagos in Nigeria, amazing combos offering a whole new dance beats.

Africa a melting pot of sounds and experiences blending infectious sounds, its distinctive, its original and highly rhythmic. Ideal music to dance to.

Infectious African dance beats

It’s fresh, rhythmic, funky, original musical blending traditional African music with modern western pop and rap. The result is infectious dance beats with strong melodic vocals.

Unsurprisingly, the music production is highly polished, in many cases better than their European and American sounds.

Expect to hear, strong percussion, and drums deep deep base, that rock ya body.

Who could not dance to this music?

It’s a relaxed music, easy to learn, and sexy, very sexy.

Get the African dance connection try Kizomba 

Kizomba dancing is easy to learn. It is a partner dance. Its sensual. Its all about connection, connection with the music and your partner.

Move fast, move slow, listen to the beat it will be your guide.

Is Kizomba Easy to learn?

In an hour or two you can get enough understanding of movement and basic steps. Its all about connection with your partner. Connection is more important than style. On the social floor, it's very much accepted to do simple steps, and you don't need to worry about showing off.

Where can I find Kizomba classes near me?

Increasingly Salsa clubs and latin Dance clubs are incorporating Kizomba into their repertoire of dance classes. The dance is easy to learn and classes usually last about an hour.

Best place to find a Kizomba class is on Dance Near You.

Where did Kizomba originate?

Kizomba originated in Angola, over the years it has spread across the globe. It started to grow in popularity around 2005 in the UK. Its been a slow burn but its now reaching a wider audience alongside the rise of African beats and performers.

Do I need a Kizomba dance partner?

The simple answer is no, you don't need to bring along a partner. Kizomba is free flowing, you connect with different partners, swopping, changing and generally having fun. 

It's African, it's very informal, its all about connection, its a great social dance.

How much should in pay for Kizomba?

Kizomba class a very inexpensive, expect to pay around £7 - £10 a class in the UK. Some clubs offer deals whereby you can mix classes, so you can try other dance styles like Salsa, Latin, Bachata in one evening. 

How do I get start a Kizomba class near me?

Find a local Kizomba class on Dance Near You, just choose a day and time to suit you, book a class online or through the NearYou iPhone or Android Apps.

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