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Keep your Children healthy over summer with a dance class!

25th July 2017

Keep your Children healthy over summer with a dance class!
A UK Study has found that Children lose most of their fitness during the summer holidays. The study assessed the fitness of 400 children before and after the six week break last year and found that participants became tired more quickly and were less fit after the holiday.

With the Summer now here, parents are often left racking their brains for ways to keep their Children busy for the next six weeks. With full time summer camps and clubs not financially viable for many families, especially those with more than one child, it is important that Children get access to low cost activities during their break.

By allowing your child to be lazy over the holiday it can set a dangerous precedent, allowing them to form a habit of not exercising. This can effect growth, attention span and educational performance.

What is required is an alternative way of getting important exercise, something that stimulates the mind and keeps the body moving.

The benefits of a dance class

Dance is a great way to tick both of these boxes. With so many different styles of dance available, there will always be a class that suits your Children, regardless of gender.

Many dance schools run summer programmes that not only teach a fun, new hobby but also offer the chance to learn valuable life skills. They promote creativity, freedom of expression and engagement. Your children will learn how to express themselves through the medium of dance and will give them the confidence of being themselves around their peers. The social aspect of a dance class is one of it's greatest draws. It's a genuine chance to make friends with other kids who have shared interests.

On top of that, a dance class comes with all the obvious health benefits. A couple hours a week of dance is excellent exercise for kids and can be done from the age of 3 onwards. It will improve cardiovascular fitness as well as make them stronger, more flexible and more coordinated. Developing these qualities at a young age will give your Children a thirst for keeping healthy as they grow and also make them more aware of their own capabilities.

Which dance class is best for Children?

There are all kinds of dance styles available and many of them are great for Children. In the past, ballet and tap have traditionally been the most popular. They offer the most structured experience and grade students through the levels as they improve. This gives Children a glimpse of the benefits of hard work and practice as they are rewarded for their efforts.

However, due to the rise in popularity in “cool” dance styles such as Hip Hop, Street Dance and Freestyle dance, many children are now opting for these classes. These classes promote creativity and give your child the chance to express themselves without limitation. Classes are high energy and provide a great way to get fitter and develop rhythm.

The other option is ballroom dance classes for Children. While these many not be the obvious go to, there are lots of classes available for children and teenagers which are well attended due to the popularity of Strictly Come Dancing. Ballroom requires a higher level of technical proficiency but can be a rewarding experience when persisted with. Ballroom is flamboyant, dynamic and emotive in it's craft and can be a great way for young adults to channel their energy and emotion.

How to find a dance class

Dance classes are easy to find. Their are highly qualified dance teachers and dance schools all over the UK, many of which promote themselves using Dance Near You.

To find local dance classes, you can download the 'NearYou' App for iPhone or iPad or head to the Dance Near You homepage and enter your location. This will show you your nearest teachers and allow you to book a class.

If you're looking on behalf of your children, simply choose 'Children's' level before you search.
Source: Dance Near You