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Keep fit without having to face the Gym!

6th January 2017

Keep fit without having to face the Gym!
Are you about to sign up for or renew a Gym membership?

The most popular New Year's resolution is to either 'get fit' or 'lose weight'. Every year, that sees a flood of people heading to the Gym in a bid to achieve their goals.

Before you know it, you've signed up to a monthly membership and you're feeling super-positive about your chances.

Fast forward a couple of months and that motivation for most people has slowly ebbed away. All the while, your monthly payment is still coming out of your bank account because you've tied yourself into a contract.

Gyms can be expensive if you're not careful

Big corporate Gyms make their money from people's failure. Memberships are taken out in January and are wasted, but can't be stopped without more cost. Don't be one of the thousands of people paying hundreds of pounds a year for nothing!

Thousands of great classes to choose from!

What people don't account for is their lives can take unexpected turns. New jobs, new relationships or moving home. There isn't always time to regularly hit the gym. That's why a more flexible alternative where you're not tied down financially is more suitable.

We have just launched the NearYou iPhone APP, and it's filled with THOUSANDS of fantastic health and fitness classes all across the UK. There are great deals to be had on classes, events and workshops that are designed to help you FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD.

It's now easier than ever to find a gym near you that offers the classes you want, when you want them.

Use NearYou to find great teachers, access fantastic special deals, book one off classes or buy a class pass. No expensive contracts or hidden charges.

You can also find private sessions if you want some closer tuition.

Mix it up!

Feel like learning the Argentine Tango tonight? Need to de-stress with a yoga class before you pick the kids up from school? Fancy boxing away your frustrations on a punchbag? Or maybe you really want to work that core and try some Pilates!

You can keep your workout varied and fun. You can keep trying new things to keep that motivation at a peak. The more you enjoy yourself, the more likely it is you will achieve your goals and stay committed.


NearYou is now available for iPhone! It's completely free! Book local health and fitness classes, find the right instructors, buy great special deals and even review and give your teacher feedback to help others find great classes too.

Not using an iPhone? You can still get a full selection of our classes on our mobile friendly website: MY NEAR YOU
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