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Keep calm - Take street dance classes

29th August 2014

Keep calm - Take street dance classes
The Benefits of Street dance classes

Happier, healthier and calmer children (yes really!)

It's no secret that children love the cool and funky dance moves involved in a street dance class but far from just being a fun and enjoyable activity there are many benefits of street dance classes for children.

In fact, after having expended so much energy ripping up the dance floor, most parents find their children are healthier, happier and more confident.

Parents also find their children are even a little calmer after class - although this of course could not be further from the truth whilst they are dancing!

Stress relief

For adults, street dance classes or indeed any form of dance class are the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.

Sister Sledge were wrong when they sang"Lost in music" - we are found when we really dance - what we lose are our stresses, fears and insecurities.

Back in the day when I was taking exams, dancing and clubbing were my much needed release valve - had I been able to dance it would have been even better!

Improved self confidence

Street dance classes are a great way for both adults and children to improve their confidence.

How many shy and retiring people do you know that can really dance? The answer is probably very few.

Street dance will give you or your child a skill for life and develop that all important confidence.

Street dance for all

Unlike some forms of dance - street dance is perceived as cool and loved equally by boys and girls, men and women!

About Emily Reed

Emily is the founder of Dance Grooves which offer street dance classes, private dance lessons and dance parties for children in South West London.

All Dance Grooves' street dance classes and parties are run by top class professional dancers in top quality venues across South West London.

So whether you want to get in the groove, sharpen up those moves, get fit, have some fun or even just to keep calm, contact Emily at Dance Grooves by clicking the link below for help and advice on which class is best for you on.