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Joining a dance fitness class should be your New Year resolution

10th December 2015

Joining a dance fitness class should be your New Year resolution
With January heading towards us thick and fast, New Year's resolutions are already lingering in the back of people's minds. As the old saying goes"new year, new me". One of the industries that benefits the most from this is the health and fitness industry. Two of the most popular New Year resolutions are either to lose weight, or to get fit - in some cases, they're the same thing.

However it's also not surprising that more often than not, New Year's resolutions don't get stuck to, certainly not for much longer than about a month anyway. In fact, Forbes magazine did a survey in 2013 that found that only 8% of the people they sampled actually stuck to their chosen resolution.

With that in mind, why do people fail? Well when it comes to health and fitness, quite often it's down to determination and boredom. The gym might be fun initially, so might running around the park, however after a few weeks when it's freezing cold in February and people can't be bothered to go out, the resolutions tend to fall apart.

That's why when it comes to fitness, you need to try something new, something exciting. Taking up a fun, new activity with a social aspect is far more likely to help you stay on track. The perfect way to do this? Dance fitness classes.

What types of dance fitness classes are there?

Dance fitness has boomed in popularity in the last five or so years, largely thanks to the emergence of styles such as Zumba into mainstream health and fitness culture. Classes such as this offer a great social aspect and are hugely popular with women. But Zumba is not the only style that is a great way to keep fit, so we're going to look some of the best options when it comes to dance-based fitness.


As we already mentioned, Zumba is now very mainstream and incredibly popular. Zumba was a dance fitness regime that was created in the 1990's by Colombian dancer Alberto Perez. The style incorporates elements of various dances such as salsa, samba, mambo and hip-hop. Zumba classes are typically around an hour in length, are great fun and very high energy workouts. It's the perfect dance to help you burn calories, lose weight and tone all the different muscle groups.

Pole Fitness

There was a time when people thought of pole dancing and immediately stereotyped, finding themselves thinking of the likes of 'Bada-Bing' from The Sopranos, or other seedy night time venues. However thankfully, that stereotype has started to fade in recent years as pole fitness classes have grown in popularity. It's a growing fitness trend, which actually became a competitive sport in 2012 when the Pole World Cup began.

Pole fitness classes are a challenging workout. It combines aerobic exercise with traditional pole dancing techniques to create a workout that involves the whole body. It requires a lot of flexibility, co-ordination and core strength. It will improve cardiovascular health and kinaesthetic awareness. It's also fantastic for weight loss and in turn, great for a self-esteem boost. It's actually pretty sexy once you've learnt the basics. It's great for all ages and fitness poles are designed to withstand a lot of weight, so whether you're a dainty 21 year old, or a 33 year old rugby player, pole fitness can suit you!


Jazzercise is a combination of... you guessed it, Jazz dancing and exercise! It also incorporates elements of kickboxing, pilates and yoga. Jazzercise is an effective form of dance fitness training that provides a full body workout and helps you to burn high numbers of calories in a single class.

It's a very modernised form of dance fitness, with routines based to the latest music and dances that help to tone your muscles. It's also great for balance, co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness. One of the biggest bonuses of a jazzercise class is the social aspect. It's great fun and often people go along with a friend, especially women.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing might not be as popular as it was ten years ago, in part down to the emergence of some of the dance fitness styles we've already mentioned. However there are still plenty of belly dancing classes around. The dance style which originated in the middle east is particularly good for the abs and the stomach, which is largely unsurprising given the name. It's also very effective for weight loss and helps you to burn fat in all areas of the body. It's an impact free form of dance, so injury is highly unlikely, yet all the key muscles groups still get a great workout.

How to find a dance fitness class near you

Due to the popularity of some newer forms of dance fitness classes, finding a class near you is easy. On Dance Near You, there are hundreds of dance studios and dance instructors who offer regular fitness classes which you can attend. To find a dance fitness class near you, simply visit the website home page and search using your postcode to locate a class near where you live or work.

Dance fitness classes can be challenging workouts, so if you suffer from any kind of respiratory problems or you are recovering from some form of injury, it is always best to contact the instructor prior to attending the class to ensure it suitable for you.
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