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Join the belly dance party in Rayleigh, Essex.

22nd January 2014

Join the belly dance party in Rayleigh, Essex.
Get fit and fabulous this year with Belly Dance classes - the fun, women's only way to get fit and lose weight! If you're looking for a fun way to lose weight and increase your fitness levels without hard work and long hours at the gym, belly dancing classes might be just for you. Belly dancing classes are a great women's only form of exercise which is low impact but highly beneficial. Byzance Belly dance offer intermediate, improver's and beginners belly dance classes in Essex. Their belly dance classes are a great excuse to don some sparkly clothes (optional), meet new people and really enjoy yourself without even noticing you're exercising. The moves involved in belly dance classes are created especially for women meaning they feel natural. Why not try out one of their cabaret style belly dance classes? They're a mix of Turkish and Eqyptian styles of belly dance! Byzance offer Cabaret style belly dance classes for beginners, improves and intermediate so you're bound to find one for you. If you'd like a focused approach to Belly Dance, try a 6 week beginners belly dance course with Byzance in which you'll be given the time and attention you need to start your hips moving! Join a belly dance class now and you'll be ready to join Byzance's first ever Hafla (belly dance party) in March 2014! Belly dance yourself to a fitter, slimmer and happier you with Byzance Belly Dance in Rayleigh and Hockley, Essex. Byzance's belly dance classes take place in Hockley and Rayleigh, Essex. To enquire about any of their belly dance classes, courses or the belly dance party, click the link below.